What a Wonderful Hobby

My Castigators have always been my first love, from the first time I read the Slaves to Darkness book, my soul was forever lost to the She Who Thirsts. Throughout all of the editions of 40k they’ve been there, preying on my mind, leading me down the dark twisted path of obsession on a journey that has shown me joy, pain, frustration, defeat, victory, pride and fulfilment.

My army has changed over the years to suit my needs, Marines with the Mark, Beastmen, Daemonettes, Cultists, Bikers, Raptors, Possessed, Predators, Vindicators, Defilers, Lords, Sorcerors, Daemon Princes, Spawn and more besides and all have paled into significance compared to my beloved Noise Marines. They are the one unit that have always been there….but times they are a changing!


Squad Sublime and Squad Divine were the main-stay of the Castigators since their inception. They’ve served me well through all the years…which is probably pushing 20 years now.

Alas they really are showing their age (aren’t we all?) and I think the time has come to retire them. I look at them and say to myself “I don’t like the back packs, the head doesn’t seem right and the Sonic Blaster looks wrong.” and unless they stand on a billiard table they fall over like Neil on a lads night out!

Bringing Noise Marines into the 21st century

So rummaging through my bits box, I discovered I have more than enough spare chaos bits to redesign my Noise Marines.


The Torso

I still like the old Noise Marine legs but the bodies seem a bit short and make the overall body look a bit too chunky for a follower of Slaanesh. So I’ve carefully sawn one in half and added a plastic chaos marine torso. This Noise Marine is going to be my Icon of Excess, so I’ve added the abs of an old metal daemonette as the torso will be open. For my others I plan on just using a standard plastic Chaos Marine torso as the Sonic Blaster will cover it.



As I said above, this particular chap is going to be my Icon Bearer, so I used the upper left arm from a Raptor. I cut the glove off at the elbow and replaced it with the Chaos Terminator Sorceror hand that holds the Force Staff. The top of the Force Staff was replaced with a Slaanesh Icon from the Plastic Daemonette box.

His right arm is the newer Sonic Blaster that I got from GW. You get 5 Sonic Blasters and a Blastmaster for £9, so it’s not a bad deal. I was a bit hesitant at first because they’re finecast, but they all look pretty good and the reduced weight will, hopefully, make the finished model more stable. As this Noise Marine will be holding his weapon one handed, I had to adjust the angle of the arm from the shoulder pad. This is one of the advantages of fine cast, it was very easy to cut through the arm and leave the cabling intact. Then, after watching Michael use a cup of tea to straighten his finecast staffs on his Necron warriors, I simply dipped the arm in hot water and twisted it to the desired position.



The backpack on my old marines is the one thing that I’ve never liked. The arms with the spiky speakers not only look inelegant, they also unbalance the model. The back pack that originally came with the Noise Marine champion looks much better and is the one I plan on using…unfortunately they are really hard to come by, but hopefully my old mate Festus can help me out 😉


Putting it all together

So this is how it will look when it all goes together, I plan on making each Noise Marine look as individual as (is reasonably) possible by using various leg positions, various shoulder pads from metal Noise Marines to Warp Talon pads and as many different heads as I can.


Hopefully I’ll get him painted up in the next couple of days, but for once I have no deadline, so they really will be a labour of love…..


…..Although I still feel guilty retiring my old Noise Marines 😦



8 thoughts on “What a Wonderful Hobby

    • Cheers mate, much appreciated.
      So what do you think to my new look Noise Marine, better, worse or just different?

      • I still prefer the original guitar toting marines but I agree that the 2nd edition version at the top have always looked odd. The heads are just wrong to me and looking at my models I agree about the torso but I had not realised this before. I really like the new guy although I don’t think I can be bothered to rebuild 4 full squads for mine so they will stay as is.

  1. Nice article Gary. I know the model is only currently put together with blu-tak but the Blaster arm just “looks” too heavy or unnatural in the position displayed.
    I look forward to seeing the updates on this project as it evolves.

    • That’s a good point Rob. Maybe if I attach a strap to the weapon it might look more appropriate.

      • Possibly a strap may work. I’m sure once you start to put the model together for real (without all the Blu-tac pushing body parts out of alignment), you will be far better able to gauge what looks like its sitting correctly or not ( & judging by all your finished models you’ve never had problem posing your figure appropriately before)

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