Thousand Son fluffy army starts to take shape

I am building a Thousand Sons Army, hopefully to use at the Pompey Pillage in August. I don’t have much time and I refuse to use Helldrakes. To be honest I am only using the units that I have either in my garage or in my bits box! I have painted two units of Thousand Sons and am painting a ridiculous number of Terminators. Here is the first one, un-based and really only a test model but I think it has the right kind of feel for a follower of Tzeentch.

Welcome the first member of Vladimir Propp’s Refuseniks.Tzeench Termi Test 3Tzeentch Termi test 2Tzeentch Termi test 1


5 thoughts on “Thousand Son fluffy army starts to take shape

  1. Looking good….but I think the blue needs to be a little darker Mike.
    Have you thought about giving him a loin cloth so you can add a contrasting colour to the model?

    • Gary, I hear you but I want to keep them quite clean. I think the blue is quite bright but that is a colour of a cackling Tzeentch 😉

  2. I would agree with Gary on this one, that a darker blue would be my preference for 1000 Sons, however it’s your army and not mine so a clean look it shall be.
    Do you have any photos for the two units that you’ve already painted up?

      • OK, yes I didn’t realise they’re not 1000 Sons. As such the brighter blue of their armour probably is a better reflection of Tzeentchian followers.
        Also are we going to get to see some of your 1000 Sons that you’ve finished then?

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