Wonders will never cease!

imagesWell hot off the press from GW HQ, they have announced that this year there will not be the usual price increase on any of their models or books. The only products that will be getting an increase in price are those produced by a third party manufacturer, thus paints will be increasing by 10p a pot to £2.40 each and Sprays will increase by only 30p, but making the GW Sprays an eye watering £9.80 a can.

I never thought I’d see the day but there you have it, it would seem that with the UK having been in recession for nearly five years, even GW have now acknowledged the fact that Joe Public has less disposable income.

Now what shall I spend my Pocket money on?




2 thoughts on “Wonders will never cease!

  1. No price rise but new releases are incrementally more, if you compare the eldar fighter to the dark eldar one its a tenner more. I know it’s a double kit but still…

    • Quite true Rob, I think it was most noticeable on the Dark Angels, every single new item in the release was more expensive when compared to the current boxset equivalent. Now whilst it is nice to have extra bits for your bits box, is the Dark Angel Deathwing Command boxset really 25% better value than all the other Terminator boxsets?
      I must say I’m very surprised as I expected the all £27.50 price bracket flyers(Dark Eldar, Marine, Ork and Necrons) to certainly take an increase to round about the £35 mark. However I will certainly take advantage of the price freeze over the coming year.

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