Eldar Craftworld Iyanden army add on Codex

m3260082a_2So for those of you that haven’t heard, GW have now announced the up cominng release of their new Iyanden Codex for Eldar. Initially I was pleased to see that Games Workshop have invested some time and energy in expanding the current vanilla Eldar Codex. However on further investigation I discovered that this Codex is not it’s own stand alone army book as for example The Blood Angel/Dark Angel/Space Wolf books, but an addition to be used in conjunction with Codex Eldar.

OK, that’s no too much of an issue in itself and as I enjoy the full spectrum of 40K (Gaming, modelling, painting, and all the fluff contained with the rules, Codi, and Novels), I can live with that, until of course we hit the punchline. This addition to your bog standard Eldar Codex isn’t £10, it isn’t £15, it isn’t even £20 (the cost of GW’s last cash cow regarding flyers within 40K), no this little baby will cost those of us silly enough £25. But this £25 is as I mentioned earlier, in addition to the £30 of your hard earnt cash that you’ve already shelled out on buying the generic Eldar Codex in the first place, £55 just to use you chosen Eldar force.

So my question the readers is, What’s your take on this new marketing ploy taken by GW? From my perspective I must say I’m really rather disappointed. In the same week GW announce that they’re not going to be putting the prices up on any of their models this year, we then get hit with the £25 price tag for this supplimental Codex.

Whilst I don’t personally play Eldar, and as such could live having not made this purchase without any major dent into my gaming enjoyment. However as I have done since 40K was first released (way back in 1987) I’ve collected all the rules and army books for all races. This has been because of my interest for all things 40K and also because I like to have at least some knowledge of the armies I will be facing when I play.

Now I’m well aware that some people out there will just say “If you don’t like the cost then don’t pay it”, and that is one option open to all of us when we find cost becoming restrictive to making a purchase, but for me it’s more than just a decision to buy a book or not. For me it’s the fact that if Games Workshop have taken this tac with Craftworld Iyanden, is this their longer term plan for all races in the future.

Whilst I fully accept that GW don’t release books/models/games for any real reason other than making money, there seems to be no limit as to how far they will exploit their customer base to achieve that aim.

From my perspective where if these “add on” army books had been £10 or even £15 I would probably have invested in purchasing all of them, now I don’t think I’ll be inclined to purchase any, and I’m strongly considering whether it’s even worth purchasing the generic Craftworld Eldar either. I’ve adopted a similar mindset regarding my business with Sky TV, in so mach as if I have it then I’ll pay a fair price and have it all, but I’m not either going to pay an extortionate price to have half of the service or an extortionate price for the full service, it’s either all or nothing, and as such I’m able to utilise the facility of Sky TV but on a raft of evolving discounts (I’m open to PM’ing if any of you want hints and tips on getting a good deal with Sky).

So the bottom line for me really is, at what point will GW realise that they can keep on making a reasonable profit from loyal customers who will keep coming back or they can charge ever increasing higher prices but the liklihood of those loyal customers keeping their business with them will diminish.

This isn’t “nerd rage” but rather disappointment with the fact that at some point sooner or later GW will push it too far with the result of them ceasing to be a business and thus 40K/Warhammer and their other systems dying off. If you think I’m wrong then just look at their Specialist games, and Warhammer Ancients. Once GW stop producing rules and minatures for these systems the cohesion of the relavent gaming communities is lost with the result of gamers turning to other better supported and reasonably priced gaming systems.

And for those of you that have kept on reading and want to see the GW article here’s the link




8 thoughts on “Eldar Craftworld Iyanden army add on Codex

  1. Your thoughts pretty much echo mine Rob.
    Since the price increase of Codexes, I now only buy the dexes that I play. I have the CSM, Daemons and Eldar and have no interest in the Dark Angels and Tau. I’ll probably buy the Marine dex along with the Space Wolves and the Sisters, if they ever do one, but that is it…..Although if they start to do Chaos Legions in a similar manner to the Iyanden dex I know I’ll buy them all 😉
    I have plenty of disposable income but GW have reached the point where I believe they are simply taking the piss now. I’m not a GW knocker (I really do think it’s a great hobby) but enough is enough.
    It’s not all bad though. I’ve found that, because I refuse to keep up with the ‘Arms Race,’ my focus has shifted away from competitive gaming and back to a more hobby-centric attitude. Games feel more like they did when I first started playing 40k, in that they feel fresh and exciting. This has helped with my gaming attitude as well, I don’t know all the rules because I don’t have all the rules, so all I want from my games now is to have fun, I genuinely don’t care if I win as long as my opponent and I have a good time. That isn’t a dig at competitive gamers, it’s just the way I feel about 6th.
    I share your concern about the direction that GW is heading and fear that sooner or later GW’s bubble will burst and people will stop playing because of their aggressive pricing policy. Hopefully it will never happen and we can continue to meet up every year and play in Michael’s excellent invitational…..although personally I’d prefer it to be 6 times a year 😉

    • As you say Gary GW have got to the stage where they are literally taking the p*ss.
      £55 to play one army, that can’t be right?
      My suspicion is that if GW continue in a similar fashion we will start to see piracy of gaming material, which as we all know is so easily achieved these days with the Web.

      I have always invested in buying genuine GW products, as I do with films & music, but both of those products have adapted to the changing markets with each becoming more affordable to the extent that a lot of the time it would be silly to buy a poor quality pirate copy when you can get an excellent quality original for only a little more or even the same price.

      However whilst thus far I’ve never utilised an online file sharing site to obtain copies of any gaming materials, I’m aware that they are out there, and having spent my £30 or so on a codex which I then find is only part of what I need to play my favourite army, I’ll be much more inclined to look for the additional material free online when the original will cost me another £25 from GW.

      • I agree that prices are becoming silly but the business model is not new. Flames of war have a rule book but then produce a stream of battle books. These then encourage players to buy new models.

  2. To be honest as long as they do an Emperor’s Children add on codex I couldn’t care less. I always bought all of the codexs etc when I used to umpire the WPS events but as times change I buy what I need or like rather than everything these days. If they bring out something that hits the spot for me then it is purchased otherwise it stays on the shelf. Hence I bought a wraith knight today but other eldar models stayed on the shelf.

  3. It goes together really well and is probably the best kit I have built in ages. It is very large though so it won’t be getting many cover saves. That said it is a jump model so can deep strike which means that he can drop in and kill the biggest threat then see what happens.

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