What A Wonderful Hobby – Noise Marine

Continuing from my earlier post on bringing my Noise Marines into the 21st century. I’ve painted up my test model.

I took on board Rob’s suggestion that his Sonic Blaster looked too heavy to wave it about one handed and repositioned it so he is now carrying it in one hand instead of trying to fire it.










And finally, here he is alongside the guy he’ll be replacing…



7 thoughts on “What A Wonderful Hobby – Noise Marine

  1. Really brought all the parts together well. exited to see all those other bits built and painted:-)

  2. Cheers chaps. It could be a while before I get them going though. Michael has conscripted me into a 1750pt tourney down at Stafford, so I need to sort out a 100pt unit to add to my 1650pt Ribble list……the hobby butterfly vector strikes again!

  3. I think it’s all come together very well Gary, and the manner in which the Legionaire is now holding his weapon certainly provides the model with a far more balanced and natural stance. Keep up the good work.
    So what will you be modelling/painting for the extra 100 pts you need to add to your Ribble list?

    • I’m not too sure, I’ll only have a few days to build something as I’m working until next Wednesday.

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