The changing face of chaos

Time for a facelift and new order to things. My latest version of Vorlath as he really needs to be bigger and a bit more imposing I believe. So a quick trip to e-bay for a Gorgon Knight, raid my bits boxes and some minor surgery with a hack saw and dremmel the new Emperor’s Children war band leader is born.

I have taken a picture of him with the old version who will now lead my 12 strong bodyguard and the other picture just too many terminators, out of shot is Belial, librarian and assorted command squad members.




2 thoughts on “The changing face of chaos

  1. Looking good brother!
    If I might make a couple of suggestions. I’d be tempted to give him a red or purple wash just to give a bit more definition which would make him look more sinister like your original model looks.
    I’d definitely scrape the flock from the rim of the base and paint it a dark grey or bestial brown, at the moment the base rim draws the eye away from the model too much in my opinion.
    It’s something I’m doing with my older models (we both come from a time when GW enforced Goblin green rims to play at their events!), it’s relatively quick to do and and I’ve found it greatly improves the models appearance….in fact I might do a post about it in the future 😉

  2. Lol the last thing I did was add the flock to the base but you are right as it does pull the eye. I will do a wash over and rehighlight, I could not remember what I did with the original model and as ever the urge to convert and paint got the better of me so I couldn’t stop. I will do it tomorrow as Vorlath is on the field both tonight and tomorrow morning and so may have some extra war wounds by then.

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