Dipping my toe in the foetid waters of tournament play

It’s been quite a while since I played in a tournament, but Michael has finally convinced me to give competitive play in 6th another go. The only competitive tournament I’ve played in 6th was in October and they were the worst games of 40k that I’ve ever played. Since then the only other event I’ve played in has been the invitational, which although competitive, is more about trying to win through tactics and cunning ploys rather than listhammer 40k.

So with my batteries recharged and my beloved Castigators no longer in exile, the Chosen of Slaanesh marches to war……

Conflict 2013 is a 1750pt event and I thought long and hard about what to add to my 1500pt list. Because of the relatively short space of time I had to get anything ready I decided use My Ribble  Rumble list (1650pts) and just add lots of powers to N’kari, my Keeper of Secrets. This would keep the painting to a minimum. I’m under no illusions that this will be a waste of points but I’m using a highlander list that is all Slaanesh, so I’m not expecting to win the event anyway ;-). All that matters is that I enjoy myself and I can (hopefully) give my opponents a good game.

So without further ado, here’s the list:

The Castigators Chaos Space Marines
Primary Detachment
Nestor Lustheart (170pts)
Chaos Lord[65], Mark of Slaanesh[15], Lightning Claw[15], Steed of Slaanesh[20], Burning Brand of Skalathrax[30], Sigil of Corruption[25]

Squad Divine (291pts)
10 Noise Marines[180], 2 Blastmasters[60], 7 Sonic Blasters[21], Icon of Excess[30].
Nephran Lusrviper – Aspiring Champion with Bolt Pistol & Close Combat Weapon.

Squad Sublime (205pts)
10 Chaos Space Marines[140], Mark of Slaanesh[20], 2 Melta Guns[20], 7 with Bolt Pistol & Close Combat Weapon.
Darius Lewdgrip – Aspiring Champion with Lightning Claw[15] & Combi-Melta[10].

Squad Schadenfreude (155pts)
5 Chaos Bikers[110], Mark of Slaanesh[10], 2 Melta Guns[20].
Korath Vilehorn – Aspiring Champion with Lightning Claw[15].

Tantalus (170)
Heldrake[170] with Baleflamer.

Tormentum (130pts)
Chaos Vindicator[120], Dozer Blade[5], Storm Bolter[5]

Corruptus (115pts)
Chaos Predator[75], Autocannon Turret, Lascannon Sponsons[40].
TOTAL: 1236pts

N’kari (250pts)
Keeper of Secrets[170], Psychic Mastery Level 3[50], Exalted Reward[30].

The Soulreavers (162pts)
18 Daemonettes[162]
Total: 412pts.

Aegis Defence Line with Quad Gun (100pts)

Total: 1748 points


I’ve played two games with it so far. The first game I lost, but like a true disciple of slaanesh, I forgot about the mission and lost my self in the slaughter ;-). The second game I faired much better, virtually destroying Rob’s Death Guard for very little loss. Both games taught me a lot about the army and I discovered a few little tricks that might help me against some of the more competitive armies that I’m sure to encounter this weekend.

I’ll let you know how it goes 😉


10 thoughts on “Dipping my toe in the foetid waters of tournament play

  1. Well good luck, although I thought you mentioned that your Army was fully Slaaneshi?
    When did Aegis Defence Lines get included within the Chaos Codex?
    Surely if bowing to peer pressure and the latest fad items (which I’m most surprised at coming from such a fervent acolyte as yourself), that it would at least be entitled some thing such as
    maybe “The Battlements of Perversion” or “The walls of Ecstasy”.

      • Now whilst some of you may well be aware that on occasions I can be accused of talking total bollocks (a requirement of any middle management role in todays society), I though you was a real straight talking Yorkshireman Gary?

        So WTF is Profligacy?

        PS Where do I find the emoticoms?

    • Copy that.

      And the Collins English dictionary defines Proflicacy as,
      “the quality or state of being shamelessly immoral or debauched”

      So a most apt title for a Slaaneshi barricade then.

  2. All joking aside, I hope that the event lives up to what you want it to be although I have a concern that it won’t. Playing at the last event with Mike the event was supposed to be low key and friendly and we still had a few issues which detracted from the fun for me. Is the exalted gift for a portal for more girls or are you taking something else for the keeper?

    • I share your concern brother. What were the issues that you had?
      The exalted gift is indeed for the Portalgliph. It has served me well in both games that I’ve used it. One can never have too many Daemonettes, as well you know 😉

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