Aegis Defence Lines

So far GW have only released one flavour of Defence line…..Imperial. A while ago I stumbled upon a company that is designing their own and they’re coming along nicely. For those of you who want something a bit different I urge you to check these out:

I particularly like the Dark Ancients, which are very similar to what I had in mind for my Slaaneshi Defence Line.







They won’t be allowed at Lenton but they’re perfect for other venues.

Personally I’ll use them for inspiration as I’m more likely to play at Warhammer World than anywhere else these days, but they do seem very nice.


10 thoughts on “Aegis Defence Lines

  1. Having used your attached link I’ve now had a good look at the Mr Dandy models, whilst I do actually like most of the Walls/Barricades I’m really not that struck on most of the Quad guns (other than the Cromeg one that looks cool but isn’t really Orky enough for me).

    At $40 plus postage another $9.50 P&P ie roughly £33 of our Great British Pounds I think I’d be far more inclined to get a bog standard Aegis Defence line at half the price (with an online discount and free P&P), and convert them up myself.

    Personally I think that would be quite an easy project for Orks or Chaos, but much harder for some of the other races. The plus side of taking this option is not just the enjoyment of the modelling and painting project itself, but that you will have a wholly unique defence line, and more importantly because you used the ADL as your basis there shouldn’t have any problems utilising it at WHW.

    • Hmm….it might be the fact that they’re just cad designs but they really don’t do anything for me. The profile of the wall sections are different from the established ADL and it would appear that models behind it cannot shoot over it.
      I’d have to wait and see what the finished model would look like really.

      • There’s no scale so I don’t know how tall they are. I would have thought, seeing as they’re obviously Aegis Defence Lines alternatives, that they would allow models to see and fire over them. I agree though that seeing the actual models would be better.

  2. I certainly like the look of the “Chaos Equivalent” barricade sections, how ever I can’t see some poor strung up Prisoners really providing a 4+ cover save like you’d receive behind the standard Imperial Ferrocrete ones!

    • Rob,

      You have no imagination! 😉 Clearly the bodies and chained up girls have a disturbing affect on the shooter who have difficulty pulling the trigger. Hence the equivalent of an improved save.

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