Conflict 2013

I probably would not go to this event except that it is near home, in aid of charity, one of my best friends is going, and it should be fun. Hmmmm, perhaps this is exactly the sort of the event I should go to?

Now I’m looking forward to it and will be taking my Necrons. I’d like to take Chaos but Im no where near getting the army complete.

My list therefore is as follows….

The Gaspah Cohort of Tobac


Ben’Sun – Necron Over lord (90) -Catacomb Command Barge (80), Mind shackle Scarabs (15), Phase Shifter (45), Warscythe (10).

Royal Court, Marl’Bro – Harbinger of Despair (25), Abyssal Staff (5), Veil of Darkness (30)

Total 300


Silk’Ut – C’tan Shard (185) – Pyre Shards (15), Swarm of Spirit Dust (20)

The ‘Doombringers’  – 10  x  Deathmarks (190) – Night Scythe transport (100)

Total 510


16 x  Warriors (208)

6 x   Warriors (78)

6 x   Warriors (78)

6 x   Warriors (78)

Total 442

-Heavy Support-

Annihilation Barge (90) – Tesla all round.

Monolith (200)

Monolith (200)

Total 490

Grand Total 1742


One thought on “Conflict 2013

  1. This was a nice little tournament. I managed to come last but all my games were good fun. As always my game against Gary was eventful. Gary s first shot blew up a monolith an annihilation barge! Immediately followed by a cheeky long range predator shot that blew up my remaining monolith. Ouch!

    Goes to show that it’s not all about winning. This was the same army that I’ve done well with so my luck just ran out.

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