2014 Invitational – Initial thoughts!

Thinking about what the Invitational should look like next year has led me to do some thinking and I have arrived at some challenges. Firstly, what venue? I have no idea at present where to host the event and that is the firsr challenge. Terrain is not an issue as I think between the invitees we should manage but I do think that sourcing and transporting boards will be an issue.

As for the armies, my thoughts at the moment are that the event will remain a numerous game event. We usually play eight and I see no reason to change this aspect of the format. So it will be eight games of 1000 points.

However, I think it will be a ‘Highlander’ event. Only one unit of any single type. Only troop choices can be duplicated but only after each troop choice has been picked before a duplicate can be chosen. I’m conflicted as to whtehr to allow allies but as my thoughts crystallise I will keep you updated.

That is all for now. Stay frosty!


3 thoughts on “2014 Invitational – Initial thoughts!

  1. Good evening Michael,
    How did your weekends gaming fair then?
    With regards to the Invitational can you just clarify what you mean by,
    “Only troop choices can be duplicated but only after each troop choice has been picked before a duplicate can be chosen”?


  2. Rob, What I was trying to say was that you must have one unit of each troop choice you can before you can take a duplicate. As an example. Necrons have two troops choices, Warriors and Immortals. You must have one of each before you can pick a second of either.

    This applies only to Troops. For all other units you can only have one!

  3. Michael, I am happy to attend the invitational in whatever guise it is, as having been an attendee from the outset the rule has been meet friends and play toy soldiers, that has always been my reason to attend and always will be. If we play combat patrol and do 12 games or 3000 points and play 4 I don’t care as long as I spend time with people that I care about and meet new friends like Rob [despite him kicking my ass last year]., I would like a bit of randomness and having to take allies would be entertaining in 1000 points or highlander lists or attrition lists [where you start with 1000 points and lose points per game down to a minimum of say 600 points] to allow for combat kills after each round. But whatever the rules count me in.

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