The Pompey Pillage Approaches

Well with the Pillage coming up in just over a month and the fact that there is a lot of us going, I thought that it would be good to get a bit of pre-event trash talk on the go and so that we can all see what the latest additions to our armies will be. So far going are me, my son Matt, Pete, Seb and Tom all from the Deep South. Alex, Michael, Iain, Gary and Neil from the North. There are also a few guys that we know from events down here going along with those nice chaps at BFP.

I will be running Vorlath with a what the hell are you allied with force? It will be highlander configuration and I have changed my normal allies otherwise it will look very similar to my brother’s force. Matt will be running his currently undefeated Tau filth, trust me, you will be saying how many missiles? Pete his Nurgle Daemonic horde, Seb with his Orks, Tom with undoubtedly some abusive Necron list.

So please feel free to add to the list or post your thoughts as it will be great to see all of us together again.

Here is a picture of the last time the Brothers fought at a big event and I am obviously hoping for a different outcome this time πŸ™‚



22 thoughts on “The Pompey Pillage Approaches

  1. I’m treating this event as a social one so I’m am hoping to take my Chaos marines…if I get them finished. I know the army is no where near competitive but who cares? At 1800 points I’m thinking of Tzeentch. Two sorcerors in Terminator armour to accompany two units of Terminators. Troops will be two units of Thousand Sons plus any Cultists I can squeeze in with any points left over. I think that will be all the Chaos I will have time to paint so I will have to add allies to make up the points. That leaves roughly 700 points to spend on my Guard allies.

    Of course, In order to maintain the theme they will need to be Tzeentch in character. So it looks like a Primaris psyker as leader – but leading what? The obvious is a blob squad and an Aegis defence line. That will still leave a few points to play with either in the allies or in the core force. Perhaps I might add some Rough Riders, or Marbo (as some kind of deranged shaman) ….decisions, decisions.

    • So you aren’t using pure Slaanesh?

      Bwaahahahahaha… Brother has fallen…..victory is mine!!!

      • I fell a long time ago Brother. I will use all of the tools that our lady gifts us with and I fancied a change of partners, variety is the spice of life πŸ˜‰ and yes you can have a phyric victory. As long as the blood flows like wine then she will thirst no more.

      • well painting is going really badly was hoping to get list painted for Rumble but no chance. Time to ring Mr Scott and get job done for Pompey

    • Painted for Pompey not Rumble. Answer your e-mails on what I might be taking to Rumble πŸ™‚

  2. Presuming Mr Scott can get this painted my current list for Pompey looks like this.

    Bloodthirster 2 Greater Rewards
    Herald of Khorne on Blood Throne 1 Exalted Reward
    3 x 10 Bloodletters
    15 Flesh Hounds
    SkullCannon of Khorne
    Soul Grinder Phelgm, MOK
    Daemon Prince 1 Exalted Reward, 1 Greater Reward, MOK, Wings, Armour

    Chaos Lord, Jugger, Axe of Blind Fury, MOK, Sigil of Corruption.

    10 Chaos Cultists, MOK.

    Hoping to get a game in with Mr Marsh and Mr Pearce just to kick Slaanesh arse.;-)

  3. Well the umpteenth version of my list eventually beat Matt’s gun line Tau today and as the lists need to be entered this week i will be running with :-
    Vorlath with everything
    10 noise marines sonics and blastmasters
    10 noise marines bolters ccw and blastmasters
    Predator with las and autocannon
    Aegis and quad gun
    3 oblits
    2 oblits
    18 seekers
    10 daemonettes
    The seekers died to missile over load but they drew the fire which allowed the rest of the army to shoot the snot out of the tau and the portal threw out loads of extra daemons which helped massively.
    Any other takers to throw their lists in the ring?

  4. Apparently, lists have to be in by the end of this Thursday, so I’m playing it safe and using models that are already painted.

    Nestor Lustheart on his Steed.
    10 Noise Marines with Sonics
    10 CSM’s with MoS and Meltas.
    5 Bikers with Mos & meltas.
    Predator with Autocannons and Lascannon sponsons.
    Predator with Autocannons and Lascannon sponsons.
    Aegis Defence Line.
    Keeper of Secrets, level 1 psyker.
    17 Daemonettes.

  5. Hmm I should have done that as I have to finish off all of my seekers and rebase them all but at least I don’t have to paint 4 units of fire warriors unlike someone else in this house πŸ™‚

  6. The deep south lists
    Steve Pearce
    Slaanesh Chaos Space Marines
    HQ Lord, mark of Slaanesh, veteran of the long war, sigil of corruption, mutation, black mace and melta bombs. 170 points.
    10 noise marines , 7 sonic blasters, idol of excess , 2 blast masters. 290 points.
    10 noise marines, 2 blast masters, 8 extra close combat weapons, idol of excess, champion has a doom siren, melta bombs and a power weapon. 318 points.
    Heavy support
    2 obliterators veterans of the long war. 146 points
    3 obliterators veterans of the long war 219 points.
    Aegis line with quad gun 100 points
    Heavy support, predator with lascannon sponsons 115 points.
    Herald of Slaanesh with steed, locus of beguilement and exalted gift 120 points
    10 daemonettes 90 points.
    18 seekers of Slaanesh, heart seeker with lesser gift 231 points.
    1799 points.
    Pete Bradley Nurgle Daemons
    Great unclean one, level 3 psyker greater reward and exalted reward 290 points
    Epidemius 110 points
    1 plague ridden with lesser reward and 19 plague bearers, instrument of chaos, plague banner 225 points
    1 plague ridden with lesser reward and 19 plague bearers, instrument of chaos, plague banner 225 points
    4 beasts of nurgle 208 points
    1 plague bringer with lesser reward, 5 plague drones, death heads, venom stings, instrument of chaos and plague banner 377 points
    Soul grinder phlegm and mark of nurgle 180 points
    Soul grinder phlegm and mark of nurgle 180 points
    1795 points.
    Seb Perz Orks
    war boss, attack squig, mega armour, twin linked shoota and poweer klaw 115 points
    Big mek mek’s tools and shokk attack gun 95 points.
    15 lootas 225 points
    10 burna boys, trukk with red paint job 190 points
    30 shoota boys 180 points
    27 shoota boys 162 points
    15 ard boys with slugga and choppa, nob with power klaw 191 points
    5 nobz, big choppa, waagh banner, power klaw, eavy armour and pain boy. 245 points
    3 deffkoptas, twin linked big shoota, big bomb 150 points
    Dakka jet 130
    Battlewagon with deffrolla and red paint job 115 points.
    1798 points
    Matt Pearce T’au Empire
    Ethereal 50
    Commander 2x Missile Pod Puretide Engram Neurochip Velocity Tracker Multi-Spectrum Sensor Suite Onager Gauntlet 175
    11 Fire Warriors 99
    11 Fire Warriors 99
    10 Fire Warriors 90
    10 Fire Warriors 90
    Riptide Heavy Burst Cannon Smart Missile System 180
    Riptide Ion Accelerator Fusion Blaster Velocity Tracker Early Warning Override 210
    10 Pathfinders
    110 Hammerhead Rail Gun Sub munition Smart Missile System Long Strike 175
    3 Broadsides Heavy Rail Rifle Smart Missile System 195
    3 Broadsides High-Yield Missile Pods Smart Missile System 3x Velocity Tracker 6x Missile Drones 327

    So my list is sticking to my principles, Pete’s army is gorgeous in a filthy Nurgle way, Seb is loving his Orks and Matt, well he should win most games sigh, I thought I had taught him better than this the waacer lol.

    • “10 noise marines , 7 sonic blasters, idol of excess , 2 blast masters. 290 points.”

      Oh no it isn’t! It’s 291pts, lucky for you that you had a point to spare πŸ˜‰

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