My Aegis line

Hmmm, can’t see how to add a picture into a reply on Gary’s thread so I will just have to do my own.


A couple of girls who clearly upset Vorlath and a few tortured Ultramarines are chained to the barricades. Not as fancy as Gary’s but I can always go back and detail and highlights



8 thoughts on “My Aegis line

  1. I love the female prisoners/Human shields Steve, are they from the old Dark Eldar Vect kit?
    However there’s one thing that you’re missing, it’s something so obvious that I’d never had believed that both you and Gary as eternal servants to Slaanesh could have over looked it?

    Where are the bits and pieces of the Khornate Prisoners to add to Vorlath’s defences? World Eaters, Berzerkers, Cultists or Khornate Deamons?

    What sort of Slanneshi Warlord is Vorlath when he hasn’t even got some desecrated Khornate body parts to display?


    • Maybe you’re right Rob, perhaps I should mount the head of Kharne upon my wall, seeing as Nestor dispatched him with such ease the last time we met 😛
      The truth is we wouldn’t want to defile such perfection with uncouth trophies 😉 …..Although now that you have mentioned it, I have decided to mount tributes of worthy victories upon mine in future!

      • Great idea & just a bit more to add to the fluff & Character of your army and models. I look forward to seeing your handy work in the future:-)

  2. It’s surprising how different an Aegis Line can look with a few adornments to Our Lady, very nice Brother.

  3. Well if your waiting to get some victories over The Greater God of Khorne you will have a long wait, by the time Slaanesh can beat Khorne Aegis Lines will be obsolete. 🙂

  4. Very pretty mate, I’ve been thinking of doing some sort of ‘generic defence line’, I’m thinking sandbags bits of trucks and bits of the imperial buildings, barricades rather than a defence line…any thoughts on this and on a ‘generic’ gun that might fit most races? By the way how do you post a thread on here????

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