Ready to Rumble

Despite the hell forsaken heat that has made my paints the consistency of treacle, I’ve managed to paint a plastic Daemonette to use as a Herald of Slaanesh for the Ribble Rumble.



I’ve heard many people say that daemonettes are very easy to paint, but I found her incredibly hard work to paint. I’m hoping it was just because of the heat, but I’m thinking that either my eyes are going (which is an occupational hazard being a printer) or the detail on them is so fine that it’s a difficult model to paint well. What ever the reason, I’m not overly happy with the way she has turned out, I had so many ideas that I wanted to try but it took so long to get this far that I’ve lost interest…..especially as I have another 35 to paint!

So now that I’m all painted up for the Rumble, I’m thinking about Pompey. If I stick with my current list, I’m thinking of adding 3 Seeker Chariots, which although I think will add virtually nothing to my list because of all the Eldar that have suddenly sprung from the ether, will look really cool. The other, more sensible option, is to drop the second Predator and put in my Keeper of Secrets and add another 3 bikers to my 5 man biker squad. 

So here’s a chance for people to vote, do I go with option 1 (rule of cool) or option 2 (at least try and make it semi competitive)?


8 thoughts on “Ready to Rumble

  1. While I would normally vote on the side of WaaC. As I grow older I am slowly moving to the side of cool … however the chariots are SOOO bad that almost anything else will be better.

  2. The chariots are really pretty but in my experience add nothing to the list and die really easily. That said I have a real urge to do the 16 chariot list although whether or not it will fit on the table is another matter.

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