Warhammer 40k Re-load

So how far does a Space Marine move again?

How does shooting work?

After what feels like a long time on the sidelines recently I am starting to get some interest in the hobby again (helped by the posts on here tbh!).

I’ve spent a lot of time in the wilderness enjoying the sun, working hard on my own business and playing lots of golf. And it’s been awesome. 6th edition isn’t for me as I A) Hate the allies rule in tournaments and B) Hate fliers. For me this is the worst edition of 40k so far.

But I miss seeing my mates. And I still like the background of the game. So here I am again after some time not playing and useful stuff like the rules slipping out of my head to be replaced with business ideas and various weight loss strategies etc.

The Pompey Pillage will be my first event in a while and my first games in a while but more importantly it will be the first time I’ve seen my mates in a while.

I’m going on holiday for a week or so and am going to read ‘The Emperors Gift’ to inspire myself then get some painting in when I get back ahead of Pompey Pillage. I may even find the time to get a game in, if I can find someone to play!

Sorry for the randomness, just wanted to contribute šŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Warhammer 40k Re-load

  1. Welcome back….we’ve all seen the golfing clothes, I made sure to show everybody at ribble what you now look like. At least you won’t look as big a geek when you play 40k šŸ˜‰

    • Ah thanks mate. I know you’re only jealous so if you want me to let you know where I got my threads from just let me know šŸ™‚

  2. It happens to most players from time to time Alex. I remember just before 5th Ed came out doing the 40K CC @ WHW and playing a muppet who kept wanting to change the rules to suit their own agenda to win. I’d been doing a fair few 40k events over the proceeding couple of years, getting more and more fed up and it just so happend that this muppet on this particular day was my catalyst.

    So other than playing one small 1day 40K event that I’d already committed to I gave 40K the flick and moved over to BloodBowl for 18 months. Really enjoyed the change but when I went to the first BloodBowl event I didn’t enjoy I sacked that off also and returned to my love of all things 40K.

    Nowadays I see 40K as something quite different, before there were a great many Top Tournie players who’d manipulate the rules to suit their armies, where as now I think it’s more the max spam styles of things.

    Gary mentioned in one of his games playing an Eldar player who had 3 Wraith Knights, well that near enough Ā£200 quid on them alone without the rest of the army plus x2 codex’s to use Iyanden, then in 3-6 months time when the 3 Bazillion Devastator Marine army of Spam arrives another Ā£500 quid or 2 weeks buying up all the uniquely painted Devastators will occur, followed by games spent apologising for having such a shabbily painted army, but TBH they’re actually not interested in anyone else’s enjoyment of the game or event than themselves.

    And that’s why I like quite a few other like minded people are picking and choosing carefully which events to now attend. As you’ve already mentioned a big part of it for you is meeting up with your mates and the social aspect. If that’s the most important thing you get from a weekend of Gaming, do you really give one, that some Spamhead is using 3 Fliers as by game 2 or 3 you should end up playing those of a similar mindset and less maxed out armies.

    So go and get your 40K on, and enjoy your weekend by the seaside:-)


    • I shall try and enjoy myself, although hanging out with the brady bunch may make that challenging :p

      • The Brady Bunch! Are you old enough to even remember them? Or maybe you just had a much easier paper round than the rest of us!
        I suppose Gary & Co should just be grateful you didn’t say the Banana Splits! (& if you remember the Brady Bunch you should also know who the Banana Splits were).

      • I don’t remember the Brady Bunch, but I used to love the Banana Splits……tra-la-la-tra-la-la-la- one banana two banana…..ahem….

  3. That’s the one Gary šŸ™‚
    Clearly Alex doesn’t remember the Banana Splits then?
    I suppose it may sound rather disturbing but it was a US kids programme with a bunch of wacky Characters(AKA Actors dressed up in cartoon character suits) doing Wacky things interspersed with Cartoons such as the Arabian Knights.
    All good clean fun, honest.

    Here’s the Wiki link if you fancy taking a look,



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