The end of the southern war

Vorlath surveyed the quiet village below him and smiled as violence would come here and soon. A small unit of guardsmen were guarding the entrance to a treasure trove of untold wealth, weapons and viral missiles that he desired. Unfortunately this was  also known to Dorkosis of Nurgle, the Orks of Seb the World Leveler and Dynore the Fire Caste Ethereal who for their own reasons either wanted the hoard or would destroy it to prevent others using it.

The campaign that Pete, Seb, Matt and I have been playing draws to a sad end. I say sad as it has been great fun, victories won and defeats taken with a smile and a handshake which comes from friends playing for the fun of the game not for the result. We have run games where everyone has fought each other at least twice and each result has meant an addition or loss of points for the final game where we each strive to destroy the others and seize the objective for bragging rights if nothing else. The war has been hard fought with many changes to our lists as we attempt to gain the upper hand but has always been fought with the thought that this campaign has added a lot to our back stories and has bought up new tales of valor, astounding luck both good and bad and a hell of a lot of enjoyment.

My final list will be Vorlath donning his terminator armour and leading his full squad of armored murders into the fray. 2 squads of noise marines, a mauler because I love these engines of destruction, Vorlath is backed up by Amadan-Na-Briona Keeper of Secrets with her retinue of daemonettes, 6 fiends and a flying prince. My plan is to charge the objective and camp on it with an entire fearless army. That said Matt will gun the hell out of me whilst his devil fish wing will attempt the same backed up by missile overload. Pete will undoubtedly deep strike all over anyone who gets close and then pour slime all over them whilst Seb with his usual panache will steam roller his tanks and battle wagons all over those unfortunate to find themselves within range and then flame them with his burnas!

Stayed tuned battle fans for the last fight of this campaign and hell am I looking forwards to the next one. Perhaps my eldar will make it for the next world conquering event.



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