Dream armies…

So I had a spare 10 minutes today and made the mistake of browsing the forgeworld website.

Immediately I wanted to drop about £1k on a 30k heresy marine army. Probably wolves but if not then my secret fetish, Ultramarines.

UltramarineI just love the Legion models, they are brilliant. These guys, for example, rock:

As do these guys:

Not forgetting these guys:

And the vehicles are really sexy too:

I’ve not even touched on a lot of the models that are awesome. If I won the lotto I would definitely buy myself a rather large heresy era army.

And then I would need to pay someone to paint it for me as I can’t paint well enough to do it justice…

So what would be your dream army if you won the lotto?


6 thoughts on “Dream armies…

  1. Alex (you poof), no offence meant to anyone other than Alex,

    Ultramarines? They are the blandist of the bland, why do you have a secret fetish for them as opposed to one of the other Legions?

    I must say I do totally agree with you regarding both how nice the models are and how if I had the money I could spend plenty on them.

    I’ve bought some MKII Amour models some heavy Weapons and the Preator models but as of yet haven’t decided on which Legion I’m off to do, although saying that and much to Steve and Gary’s Ire no doubt I also bought a couple of 5 man squads of Emperor’s Children Palentine Blades.


    • It was only a matter of time before you outgrew the simpler pleasures that Khorne can offer, fear not, Our Lady welcomes all 😉
      They do look rather fine, although the Emperors Children iconography means they’re no good for my army.
      The Castigators believe the Emperors Children to be misguided fools who are obsessed with the pursuit of perfection 😛

      • Oh I didn’t realise that Gary, I suppose because they were Noise Marines I’d automatically assumed they were Emperors Children.
        I’ve just had a look at the models, the EC shoulder pads are as per most pads separate so no issues there, two of the Torsos clearly have EC iconography on the chest plates but I think the other 3 seem ok. The heads also don’t seem to have any EC specific iconography.
        They certainly are lovely models & I’d definitely recommend a squad for your Castigators given your modelling/ converting skills.

  2. Hah I don’t know, it’s like my guilty pleasure!

    I just think they are like the ultimate good guys. And I love their colour scheme. And you could do a really cool roman legion theme with them.

    Although it would be hard not to do a wolf army if I had the cash…

    • I’m struggling to resist the Cataphractii termies. The only thing that has stopped me getting some so far is the thought that as soon as I buy some they’ll release Emperors Children Phoenix Guard or corrupted Cataphractii.

  3. I can see the ‘Roman’ theme certainly, but I’m not certain why but I really detest Ultramarines, I suppose because they are the Emperor’s poster boys, are generic & because of their adherence to the Index Astartes are just so boring and bland with no real character.
    Whereas for me just about every other Chapter/Legion not formed from the Ultra Legion geneseed have individuality and interesting back stories.
    As I say I can’t give much more of an explanation than that.
    Don’t be a norm, and if you want a break from your Wolves what about turning your hand to Chaos or build what’s now a Chaos Legion but Pre Heresy.

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