We came, we saw, we had a great time!

The Pompey Pillage was held over the bank holiday weekend and the CSM boys were there in force with over 9 of us in the 27 strong field.

The event had some comp and a restriction on the number of fliers you could take which made all the difference in the world. There was a huge variety in the lists at the event and the atmosphere was brilliant. Just how tournaments used to be, and should be.

As a group we all did rather well:

  • Steve Pearce took home the most sporting trophy.
  • Gary Marsh came 3rd in gaming, almost entirely due to his cheesy waac Helldrake so I am told… šŸ˜‰ and a very respectable 2nd in the best painted competition as well.
  • Pete Bradley took home best painted with his lovely nurgle daemon army


As well as second place we had 7th, joint 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th so 6 places from the top 11. Not bad eh?

Personally I had a great time and really enjoyed my games, the weekend and the atmosphere. Taking 7th was a surprise as well given I had hardly played much recently. IĀ  was pretty close to just giving up on the hobby recently but this weekend has really revived my interest in it all. If we can find more events like Pompey then the future is bright and we can leave the waacers to their copy and paste lists at their copy and paste events!

Now, on to planning that pre heresy list….


13 thoughts on “We came, we saw, we had a great time!

  1. Sweet! Well done mate and I’m glad to hear your not gonna give up on it would be a shame to lose one of the good guys!

  2. Agreed. The future is in choosing events carefully or organising events that deliver the kind of games one wants. Well done to everyone for making the effort to travel to Portsmouth

  3. Stupid me should have come, particularly as Battleforce pompey is my old club (no longer have the t shirt though!) Mike if you let me know when next years one is Ill come down. Well done the lot of you. By the way which other csm guys attended?

  4. I was one of the stronger players at the event (in the sense I was holding up the rest of the field) with my marines. Roll on the new codex, although it’s still me playing it.

  5. It would appear Comp is not dead, what a great event!
    The highlights for me were showing the Emperors Children how to offer bloody praise to Our Lady and my Daemonettes tearing Neil’s Bloodthirster a new one for old times sake :-). They were just two of many great moments over the weekend.
    Sadly, we have nothing planned for the rest of the year, so we’ll have to keep our eyes open for something.

  6. Tim

    Attendees were

    Me, Gary Marsh, Neil Gibbons, Alex West, Steve Pearce, Pete Bradley, Matt Pearce (son of Steve), Seb Perz & Tom (Probys from Steve’s recruitment drive in the deep South)

    All good chaps!

    We all decided to go to Pompey almost by accident so if we go again next year then of course I shall let you know.

    • Thought I was, by now, a fully paid up member. Although I haven’t had to suffer the “trouser leg” ritual yet.

  7. Glad you all had a good weekend and good to see Alex getting back into the swing of things.
    I think the Chaos tourney we are all trying to knock together should be played in the same vein as the Pillage. Another that I hope will make it to playing is the “Swingers” tourney where each table has two armies as closely balanced as possible and you swap round the tables between games, playing/using a different army each time.
    We have also discussed holding a much fluffier tourney in addition to the Rumble, at a different time of year, I’ll keep you up to speed on how that develops.

    • The ‘Swingers’ tourney sounds good, but I only let my mates use my models (I’m funny that way!), so it’s not viable for me.
      I would be very interested in a fluffier (or comped) event as that is where the fun is for me nowadays, so I hope this comes off Geoff.

  8. Commander we have engaged the Castigators. Vorlath acknowledged the vox, I don’t care about the objectives just bring me Nestor’s head. Aye lord orders confirmed. The battle raged on until Vorlath had confirmation of the kill, Nestor had been pulled down by his daemonette allies.
    The Emperor’s Children Lord savored the excitement as he viewed the body lying motionless on the floor. Well brother we meet again but under different circumstances this time. With his boot he flipped over the corpse and cursed wildly. This is not Nestor he shrieked look at his armour. Stamped across the chest was Acme clone number 1 if you have any complaints with this model please contact the manufacturer Fabius Bile c/o the Eye of Terror!
    So my brother refused combat with his nemesis, Gary may have won the game but I am slowly collecting his clones and adding them to my trophy room.
    Fantastic event great to see all the guys and for you to meet some new players from down here. I look forward to the next one.

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