Announcement: new csm forum

the futureWe now have our very own forums exclusively for CSM’ers plus close friends.

These have been set up to act as a place of sanctuary for us to chat about the hobby amongst ourselves so access will be limited to CSM members and those we like and trust.

Get involved here:

Waacers need not apply 🙂


6 thoughts on “Announcement: new csm forum

  1. I know this is probably a silly question, but why do we need a forum when we have this Blog site? By having a forum won’t that draw articles and issues that would have been posted here as topics away on to the forum so that rather than having one site where everything sits there are two that have light to moderate input?

    This is not criticism (As I’ve already signed up to the forum) just an observation.


  2. Because a blog and a forum are 2 different things.

    The discussions on a blog are all over the place whereas forums are much better suited to discussions. If we want to talk about, for the sake of argument, rumours about the new space marine codex they are best suited to a forum rather than having to make a new blog post just to discuss that.

    Conversely blogs are better than forums for displaying articles or battle reports, to name just 2 examples.

    It’s just about having 2 platforms to suit different things.

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