Space Marines on advance order

So the new Space Marines are finally up for advance order.

I for one am quite impressed.

The codex is £35 but has 176 pages making it something of a bargain compared to the other codexes.

It looks like a really nice book and I’ll definitely be ordering a copy, although probably from a third party with the discount.

The new tactical squad is £25 which doesn’t seem too bad. £2.50 a guy plus a whole bunch of spare parts.

The characters are a bit pricey at £18 each. At least they look nice and are plastic though…

The centurions still aren’t doing anything for me really. Hopefully they will be garbage in the game so I won’t even be tempted to buy them!

The stalker tank seems disproportionately priced and if the rumours that it can only fire at flyers and doesn’t have interceptor is correct I think I’ll be leaving it at home.

I’m loving the sternguard and vanguard models, they are really nice.

The Sprays are pretty good, if they match up with a paint in a pot. Otherwise you spray, then need to touch up areas and end up with 2 shades of red or 50 shades of grey…. 😉

All in all it could be worse and I think only the characters are really overpriced. I’m looking forward to starting my pre heresy emperors children army

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Space Marines on advance order

  1. The only character model I like is the Libby. The captain is just a rehash of the Black Reach model and the chaplain’s helmet is horrible. Hopefully the head is a separate piece and can be worked on or replaced. The gun centurions have potential methinks, plastic means it should be possible to repose them a little.

  2. Reading the battle report in the WD the centurions will seem to be a must have unit I think. Wounding models on their armour save??? Say good by to termies and Riptides etc depending on the AP.

  3. Well I’ve ordered the Dex, a box of each of the Vets, and a couple of the new Anti air Rhino chassis vehicles so I can build one of each, (or two of each if I both to magnetise).
    I’ve used Triple Helix for the first time as they had a 25% off all the new Marine stuff and P&P was £3 split between two of us.

    I ordered last Saturday evening on Pre-release and the order went to my Hermes yesterday, so I’m hoping I’ll have it tomorrow morning or Monday at the absolute latest.

    Where do the rest of you guys get your GW fix from these days, and who have you found does the best discounts since Maelstrom want belly up?


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