The growth of a war band [now with extra pictures]

Today I decided that I really should get the toys out and repair the battle damage taken by my Emperor’s Children over their 25 year long crusade. Ignoring the other daemonic stuff that I have and the other allies I still nearly managed to fill an 8×4 table!

So I have taken a few pictures to show how my army has grown from a few Noise Marines with guitars to the horde that I have now. Everything from Cultists to Marines to Noise Marines, large fast attack units, more heavy support than I will ever need to Hell Brutes, Decimators and Contemptors now swell my ranks. Whilst the flying circus consists of 2 Hell Drakes, a Storm Eagle and a few flying Princes.

The wip models are even more Noise Marines, a Relic Predator, Vindicator and a close combat unit of Chosen plus more aspiring champions to lead the units.

The army


Terminators backed by Cultists and Marines.


Daemons and objectives


The big guns


The Warlords.


Wip, close combat Chosen.



Updated with new pictures

Relic Predator






Noise marines move through cover

nboise marines in the wreckage



10 thoughts on “The growth of a war band [now with extra pictures]

  1. As one of the six Lords of Slaanesh to another, I salute you brother……A truly magnificent army!

  2. Busy day today repaired all of the battle damage, built some more terrain, put together my new Relic Pattern Predator and helped Matt build his Barracuda fighter. Also sorted out my 1800 point list for the next event.
    Vorlath as usual
    Mahindra Darksong sorcerer on a steed
    6 chosen with melta guns etc to go with Mahindra
    10 Noise Marines with sonics and Blastmasters
    10 Noise Marines with Blastmasters and extra close combat weapons
    10 Noise Marines with Blastmasters and extra close combat weapons
    Predator with las cannons and auto cannon
    Relic Predator with heavy bolters and Plasma Executioner [got to love 3 S7 templates at ap2]
    Aegis with quad gun
    42 models so nicely divisible by 6 for My Ladies Favour 🙂 , I so hope that I get nice new shiny Space Marines as I have 6 Blastmasters just to ruin their day.

    • Piccies or didn’t happen Brother ;-).
      What’s a Relic Predator?
      Love the army, it looks like a very fun army to play. I don’t know which event you’re going to, but may Our Lady favour you with her number.

  3. The Relic is a standard Predator Chassis but can carry a plasma executioner or a conversion beamer or flame storm cannons [like the land raider ones] or a magma melta gun [S8 ap1 large blast but only range 18″] still enough to ruin a marines day

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