Tzeentch Warband on the move

I’ve been trying to get motivated to paint my Thousand Sons for two years now and I have just started to get a little traction. I shall update as I go but , for now, have a look at the Heavy Mob. Not based yet but looking mighty fine.



9 thoughts on “Tzeentch Warband on the move

  1. Very Nice Mike, I’ve just started repainting my Marines, was going to post an article about it but being a technophobe have no idea how to?

    • Not yet. Very few people have! If anyone wants to author they need to let me know. I shall weigh their credibility and some may be found wanting!!

  2. Hi there, I know this an old post now, but I love your Terminators. I’m making my own Tzeentch warband at the moment and was wondering if you could tell me what heads you used for these Terminators? Cheers

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