Battle Brothers!


I thought I should let everyone know that Gary and I are going to the Games Workshop Battle Brothers Doubles on 7-8 December. Chaos marines for fluffy fun. (Read on for our thoughts on our silly list)

Anyone else?

Of course the real reason for my attendance is to give me some more motivation to finish my Thousand Sons army. Gary has been very kind and is letting me use 700 points of Tzeentch but Thousand Sons and Terminators are very expensive so I think we will end up with a very small army. We are still working on it but at the moment it looks like this:

Damien Broadcloak – Tzeentch Sorceror, Terminator armour, MoT, Combi melta

7 Terminators, MoT, assorted combi weapons and power weapons, Icon of Vengeance

7 Thousand Sons

Lord, MoS, terminator Armour, power weapon, melta bombs

10 Noise marines, 2 blastmasters

5 Noise marines, 1 blastmaster


Aegis Defence line and Quad gun


4 thoughts on “Battle Brothers!

    • Thanks Michael, that’s great.
      Where are you & Gary staying and have you had any other takers?
      I asked Craig (my usual doubles partner) but his away playing Bolt Action the weekend before & his Missus is rather averse to him being away 2 weekends on the trot, especially so close to Xmas.

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