What A Wonderful Hobby – Rob’s Death Guard


Just a quicky to show you how Rob is coming along with his Death Guard……it’s just a coincidence that the image above looks like him 😉

Festus Blightmaster

It’s not often that vid-picts capture Festus without his bike, here is the only known picture of him. The Castigator’s operative responsible for this picture has since been quarantined.


Squad Pestilence

Led by the enigmatic Tosis Mire, many of the Death Guard look to him to show the way. It can be only a matter of time before he challenges Festus for leadership of the warband.


Squad Contagion

Led by the stalwart Nurgle Champion known as Septicus, it is whispered that he is the greatest supporter in Tosis Mire’s bid for leadership. It is certainly a rare occurrence to see one without the other.



Little is known of the Death Guard’s possessed other than the devastation that is left in their wake. However, the Castigators have many operatives and it is only a matter of time before information is acquired about them.


I’m sure you’ll all agree that they’re coming along nicely. I just love playing against nice looking armies…..even if they do seem to be spanking me just lately!


2 thoughts on “What A Wonderful Hobby – Rob’s Death Guard

  1. The possessed are better known as ‘The affliction’ as every thing that comes into contact with them seems to wither and die!

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