The Kakophoni Arrive

Just got this in my inbox, damn Forgeworld and their sexy models.


I’ve been waiting (im)patiently for these since I saw the early sculpts and although my Castigators are not Emperors Children, I’ve gotta get me some of these babies 🙂







5 thoughts on “The Kakophoni Arrive

  1. I saw these and thought you two will be wetting your pants with excitement ( or is that old age?)

    They are superb models I must say.

  2. They certainly are lovely, the only problem with FW is that they produce just too many beautifully sculpted models, and my wallet can take it. As quick as I buy something they release not her model to surpass the last.
    The Fire Raptor Gunship that’s just been released will by my first large FW model must have. It’s everything a Storm Raven should have been.

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