New allies join the fray

So despite undoubtedly getting grief from my Brother for not sticking to Daemonettes as allies, I thought I would post up my latest additions.

First the Cadre Fireblade


Fire warriors


Broadside and drones




I have added bits from lots of kits, tyranids, chaos, chariots etc so that they follow the look of my main army but hopefully look unique and an unusual addition to my army



3 thoughts on “New allies join the fray

  1. Your lack of devotion to our lady’s blessings disturbs me greatly, Brother!

    I’ve never been a fan of the Tau model range, they’re too manga for my tastes, but I must say the head swaps using Daemonettes really improves them. I particularly like the Hellstrider heads that you’ve used.
    If I may make a suggestion on the bases, I’d highly recommend painting the bases grey, washing with black and then lightly drying brushing with more grey. The colour would compliment the pink, which as I’ve found out with my new Noise Marines, is a bugger to paint 😉

    They fit well with the rest of your army, good job………….philistine 😉

    • The hell strider headed team are my pathfinders as I have realised that I did not post a direct picture of them. I am running them with ion rifles as no one seems to use them but another 3 S8 templates seems to fit nicely in with the blast masters. I agree over the basing colour but the prospect of re-basing over 400 models is a task that I don’t fancy tackling just at the minute 🙂

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