What a Wonderful Hobby – More Noise Marines


Or alternatively titled – Do I Not Like Painting Pink!

Just a quicky to show off a couple of Noise Marines I’ve painted for the upcoming Battle Brothers tournament……

….I needed to paint up another squad of Noise Marines to go with the 10 that I regularly use, so rather than paint them in my usual pastel purple colour (otherwise known as lilac!), I thought I have a bash at another pastel colour……namely pink.

These have had some serious conversion work done to them, from chopping up the original Noise Marine bodies that my Brother sent me (another reason why I chose pink was as a hommage to his Emperors Children) to raiding just about every Slaaneshi bits & pieces I had lying around.

Hope you like them and thank Slaanesh I only have another three to paint because I really don’t like painting pink!



20131001_094232 20131001_094300 20131001_094330

Hopefully I’ll get the other three painted in the next couple of weeks when I’ve finished my shifts.

Until then….Stay frosty!


4 thoughts on “What a Wonderful Hobby – More Noise Marines

    • Cheers mate.
      The head is one of the new Raptor heads with the vane taken from the Hellstriders kit.

      P.S. I’ll add a couple more photos so you can see it a bit better

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