Damian Broadcloak, Seer Captain of the Cobalt Company

Termie 1

termie 2









For several months now I have been planning on putting together a Thousand Sons Army. I have two units of Thousand Sons already finished but I wanted my force to be themed around psychic powers and heavy infantry. What better way to start than with Damian Broadcloak, Fate Seer and Captain of this mercenary band.

Broadcloak is the Captain of a Renegade Mercenary unit called the Cobalt Company. His training under the Emperor was as a Sorcerer and his dalliance with the Chaos powers has helped his powers grow to a point where he is considered dangerous to know.

When he fled to the Eye of Terror with Ahriman and the rest of the Thousand Sons he was lost in the Warp Storms that surrounded the ‘Eye’ and found himself at the mercy of Deamons. Despite losing all his possessions including his sight, Broadcloak could  still see that even in the realm of Chaos Lords and Greater Deamons there was always the need of support in the form of psychic firepower. Alliances were constantly shifting and combat was the inevitable result. Delivering psychic power to the battlefield was what he had been trained for; this was something he could provide and over the centuries his help was sought by many and feared by many more. He attracted warriors that, despite their corruption, still sought the discipline and support of belonging to a forged and coherent unit.  The small group grew into a band, then a unit, and eventually into the finest Mercenary host in the Sector. If you can find him, and if you can pay him, you might be able to hire the Cobalt Company.

Of course he is not on his own. Accompanying Broadcloak is a disciplined band of renegades carefully selected by Broadcloak himself. At the core of the Cobalt Company is his personal body guard of Terminators.

Termie 3

Painting these bad boys has been challenging. I have used techniques that I have never used before and I have found the experimentation tedious but ultimately really satisfying. the blending on the power weapons and lightning claws was the first time I had attempted using a layered glaze to simulate a gradual slide from a red to a yellow. I know it is not perfect , nor as good as some of the readers of this blog, but I think the resulting effect is pretty effective. The Blue colour of the armour was too light and I had to over paint it several times with a glaze to get it right. The camera has made the blue appear lighter than it is but it is much improved on the baby blue it had been originally.

termie 4 I am very happy with the faces, I spent quite a lot of time on painting, washing, dry brushing and re washing to get the effect of clammy, greenish skin but I think it has worked quite well. Finally I have tried to place the entire army on wet look bases. These photographs do not really show the effect but I learned a lot about how this effect works. Patience is needed as are several layers of ‘liquid water’ (Now there’s a strange thing!) each one of which takes over 24 hours to dry. The effect has delivered crystal clear water which possibly isn’t what I was looking for in a muddy swamp. However, it still looks different to my usual bases and I’m still very proud of it. It’s not often I try new things at my time of life!

termie 5

I was keen to keep the army as ‘clean’ as I could as I think that Broadcloak still harbours some desire to replicate the Marine Chapters of the Imperiam, all be it with the corrupted material he has to work with.

Who knows his ultimate plan, he is a follower of Tzeentch after all. Is he a deep undercover agent of the Imperium? Has he fallen entirely to the powers of Chaos, is he a pawn in a bigger game, or is he simply a man trying to survive in a universe torn apart by war?


8 thoughts on “Damian Broadcloak, Seer Captain of the Cobalt Company

  1. I don’t want to hear any excuses that Damian ‘Blinky’ Broadcloak is struggling because he can’t see the enemy come December ;-).
    They look great, it’ll be a pleasure to fight alongside them.

  2. Having seen them in the flesh,as it were, I can say with conviction that these are the nicest models Michael has painted, especialy so now that the bases are done. Nice job Mike.

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