The long war

So a long day yesterday starting at 6.15am when the intrepid battle brothers left Dorset and headed for the wilds of Basingstoke for an 8am registration at the Titans 3000 point doubles. This would be an unusual event not only due to the size of the armies but also as we would be playing on 6×6 tables.

Only 12 teams were playing and the event is set in a converted industrial unit normally used for replaying huge historical battles and this was the first 40k event that they had staged. The set up was faultless with tea and coffee on tap, welcome doughnuts and then sandwiches at lunch time. A very friendly team ran the event and it was great to run into the TO who fondly remembered me kicking him around the table at an event longer ago then either of us cared to remember.

Game 1 saw Matt and Seb against an eldar blood angel combo that looked really pretty but in the end fell to the massed fire power of Matt and Seb’s orks got across the table and into their deployment zone! No mean feat at all.

Our 1st game was against 2 brothers with a mass of armour and fliers. We were both worried by the list but in the end the might of the chaos forces were victorious.

Game 2 saw us all fighting each other, a shame really but that is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Seb’s warlord and mega nobs got into our deployment zone despite everything being thrown at them but the chaos army again managed to pull off a win. Pete and I both felt that we had had the best game ever against Matt and Seb as both sides played really well and gave no quarter and expected none.

Final game saw Matt and Seb against an eldar grey knight list which they took to pieces. Our game was against a Khorne Daemon/ guard combo. Pete stole the initiative and we nailed a soul grinder and got in position to charge the guard and generally caused havoc. Turn 2 saw the guard fall apart as we claimed his deployment zone and the daemons were on the ropes. Then the Blood Thirster and Prince showed up and tag teamed Pete’s boss and retinue off of the table and things went down hill. 18 seekers showed up but my boss and his raptors toasted them and the blastmasters were still wrecking units all over the field. The khorne flying circus had enough of this and leapt on the Raptors, my boss challenged and the Thirster accepted but 3 rounds later my boss was still there thanks to some poor rolls and my sigil of corruption and had at least tied up the 2 monsters from destroying our army. A close game but ultimately a win for the opposition.

So 2 wins and a loss for both teams of Mercs and a great day out. The final results will be posted shortly so that we can see how we did for bragging rights. Pete again took best painted for his Nurgle horde.

A great event and well worth attending from our perspective, nice to meet new friends and a lot of old ones as well and again have an excuse to roll some dice.







7 thoughts on “The long war

  1. Well done lads.
    It’s nice to see Raptors on the table, did you find them worthwhile or would your bikers have achieved more?

  2. I have to say that they performed really well. In the first game they killed a full unit of marines then tied up a full 20 strong sword brethren unit. Game 2 they killed some crisis suits that were threatening our back lines and then game 3 killed the big seeker unit then wounded both the Thirster and Prince and kept them in combat for 3 turns until the end of the game. That said a similar build bike unit would have only been a few points more and would probably have been a bit more survivable and with the option of turbo to get into position. Though I tend to run bikes with melta guns to harass vehicles where as the Raptors were there for troops. Food for thought I guess as I would actually like both along with a spawn unit. The spawn with Pete’s beasts were just brutal and paid for themselves over and again in every game.

    • I’ve come to have a deep respect for Spawn (especially Nurgle flavour) as their speed and resilience make them a great tarpit unit.
      I’ve given a lot of thought to Bikers and have come to the conclussion that while using a couple of Meltas does make them good tank hunters, they may work better as a large unit with flamers to take on hordes or soften the enemy up for combat. That may make them more specialised, but I think they’ll be more effective in lists that don’t use Baledrakes.

  3. Interesting to see 6×6 tables. Was the terrain density affected?
    Well done on the results by the way.

  4. So were you allowed to use your Forge World Pred with its weapon fit as shown or was it a counts as?
    It’s yet another FW kit on my “wanted”list. I like all the Deimos kits, except the Vindicator that just looks far too boxy.

  5. Ian, the terrain was a bit light to be honest but was still enough to shield some units and wasn’t a problem.
    Rob, the relic pred was from forge world and allowed in the army list. It is a great model and at 135 points well worth taking. I will be getting another one with the magma cannon as well as a S8 5″ blast melta weapon is too good to pass up 🙂

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