The vagaries of there can be only one

So with the Highlander Abroad and the Caledonian coming up , I have been trying out a lot of combinations. In my heart I want an assault army build that is competitive which is proving to be an issue.

So the first build of Raptors, bikes, spawn, mauler and the required troops lasted a whole 3 turns against Seb’s orks before being wiped out.

The next list of terminators, oblits, mutilators, helldrake and troops did the same to Matt’s Tau but in 4 turns and whilst effective relied on deep strike and Matt failing to turn up so hardly a solid strategy.

So I have a safe bet of 3 troop choices, Vorlath, pred, vindicator, hellbrute, drake and aegis which is solid and balanced but is to be honest dull. I miss my 2 noise marine units to be honest as I rely on them so much but a full sonic unit unless combined with a psyker are not worth taking and a 2nd HQ choice is too expensive at 1500 points in my opinion.

So I am back to decisions, decisions, go for a balanced list or keep trying for an assault army in 6th against all the odds?

Answers on a postcard.



12 thoughts on “The vagaries of there can be only one

  1. It’s a toughie at 1500pts as the CSM dex can struggle for variety.
    Are you thinking pure CSM’s or would you consider allies?

    I have no idea what is in Seb’s Orks list, but a Maulerfiend, large Bike Squad (with flamers) and Raptors should be able to achieve some reasonable damage on them. I don’t rate Spawn unless they are of the Nurgle variety, as they take twice as many wounds against strength 4 fire which makes all the difference in my opinion.
    I think an assault Slaanesh army needs quite a bit of practice compared to a shooting Slaanesh army and the Highlander rules make it even more difficult.
    Daemon allies would certainly help.

  2. Steve come to the dark side and assault army is your only option :-)) Although I am more than likely going all daemons. My list cannot take out an armour 12 flyer unless it gets really lucky

    • Sounds good and it will add another dimension to your games. Still cant decide whether to do chaos/daemons or just daemons. With chaos daemons at least i get to do something in every phase.
      Emmm need to get Rob to do some speed painting.

  3. So a trial at the assault list when rather well today against Pete’s Plague marines.
    he had a lord, terminators with toys in a land raider, 20 marines, 10 marines, rhino, 2 units of spawn and cultists.

    My list is a lord on a bike with 8 more bikers,
    noise marines and cultists, spawn, raptors, a herald, 12 steeds, 4 fiends and some daemonettes
    Combat was joined in turn 1 due to the speed of my team combined with some great assault rolls after Pete moved forward hoping to tempt me out. One unit of spawn were sent packing along with the cultists. Pete’s terminators bailed out and hosed down the steeds and killed them all but they were out of the damned tank so I could get to them now.
    The raptors steeds and spawn ate the 10 man unit and the rhino whilst the daemonettes and noise marines hosed down the big squad, assaulted and killed them. My boss and the bikes charged the terminators and were joined by the spawn and fiends after a few rounds.
    Pete ended up with his lord on 2 wounds, 1 terminator and the land raider left whilst my girls grabbed the relic and moved off into cover, took first blood and line breaker and apart from the steeds my other units all had people left in them.

    Now to try a Tau gun line to see how it fairs. I am going to tweak the list slightly as trying to kill 2+ armour guys is an uphill struggle and the noise marines will get some transport.

    • It will be interesting to see how your list fairs against a shooty army like Tau. The Pestilent ones aren’t renowned for shooting, so Tau should test your resilience to fire power nicely. Keep us updated brother.

  4. Well. Looking at others lists I am really going to struggle. Hopefully I might get a game in on Friday against Steve or matt. then we will find out.

    • I really think you’ll struggle Michael……but you did ignore all advice when building your list πŸ˜‰

      • Yes. I know but Tzeentch is all about sorcery and until there is a bespoke codex the only way to do it is to have very expensive HQ choices. I have stayed true to my heart even if it quakes at what is to come! πŸ™‚

  5. Well as expected that was painful! Matt took first blood, commander and line breaker along with my objective thanks to his deep striking suits. I was all over his back line and had killed everything else but I only had my herald, 2 daemonettes and 2 spawn left. I have to say that I set up very aggressively as I won set up only for Matt to roll a 6 and grab the initiative and then proceed to gun down my team in droves. Looks like it will be the safe bet for next weekend.

    • If he stole the initiative, then I think you need to give it another go.
      Having the initiative stolen is usually an auto-loss for an assault army that starts on the ground as it invariably catches you in the open.
      Straight and true brother πŸ˜‰

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