Caledonian Uprising 2014… six sleeps to go!


Fate Stealer - Watcher over a lonely Universe

Fate Stealer – Watcher over a lonely Universe

Is Caledonian 2014 the lastof the big events? Does the proliferation of rules mean more choice or will players ignore the opportunities and choose to carry on trying to use ‘comp’ to fix a system that is supposed to be broken!

I have been looking forward to this event. Not because I stand a hope in hell of doing well but because it is a sign that the whole hobby is changing. GW have messed with the  system so much that a consensus has developed agreeing that there are too many options and therefore opportunities for players to build bent and dull armies. This is true but by the same token it means that Tournaments can concentrate on what they want to do and make an event for every taste. This may mean more smaller events, but overall it means that players can choose the kind of event to attend. If we do not like it then we generate our own event. No moaning. Simples!

Anyway, Caledonian is the first of the established larger events to realise there is a seismic change taking place and has tried to incorporate two events in to one. Within the ‘no holds barred’ event is a Highlander event and this was the only reason I decided to attend. I suspect this will not work but it will deliver a strange and fun event. This change will allow organisers to realise that there is a market out there fore a number of different events. (There are 25 Highlander lists submissions at Caledonian) Even now I can see different styles of event on the horizon. The Champions of Chaos event that we have been proposing is coming soon, The Swingers event, Several new events that Tim is organising at Sanctuary, all auger well for the hobby as long as one picks the right event. The hard core events will continue and still be popular. I am sure I will attend one or two but not as many as I used too. I suspect that even these will have to have stricter rules around what choices are available as the options become wider the opportunity for abusing the system increases. However, as I mentioned, the options for creating terrific themes armies also increases and as long as players can resist the temptation to abuse the lists there is a great opportunity to use units that are rarely seen out side of catalogues.

I have been building my Tzeentch army and the only think I was missing was a Hell Drake. I have now finished it. I have to say that they are a bugger to paint and I could easily spend several more hours improving it but I cannot bear the thought of painting any more brass and gold at the moment! Stare into its infinity hide and see the fates that await you.

Hope you like it.



5 thoughts on “Caledonian Uprising 2014… six sleeps to go!

  1. Absolutely loving it Mike, the star field looks excellent. Agreed on the time and trouble it takes to paint. Mine is a simple brass and iron scheme and I’m nearly blind and insane and it’s not finished yet (OK, perhaps it’s difficult to tell on the insane bit).

    As far as tourny’s go I, like yourself, am looking forward to more events of a varying nature coming up. We’ve talked for a while about picking and choosing the events we prefer to attend and if more of them are available then it can only benefit us.


  2. Love the Heldrake, a nice touch with the star effect.

    We are living in interesting times as far as 40k goes, which, as I’m sure you all know, is an ancient Chinese curse! SA/Esc/Data-slates have all muddied the waters and while this leaves competitive 40k wide open to abuse, it increases the variety of events for those of us who no longer feel the need to measure the size of our manhood with toy soldiers ;-).
    Hopefully they’ll be lots of different events to suit everybody’s desires.

  3. Michael is it just the picture of your Heldrake at the beginning of the article or is there some other photo’s that I’m not getting?

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