Hobby Turmoil


The Invitational is rapidly approaching and I’m still trying to decide on which army to take.

So far I’ve toyed with Space Wolves, Eldar, Slaanesh Chaos Space Marines and Slaanesh Daemons.

I know which army I want to take and that’s Slaanesh Daemons….or maybe Slaanesh Chaos Space Marines, but I don’t have the models painted up and because of that I seem to be going round in circles. To make matters worse, some of the CSMers are taking Forge World stuff like a Slaughter Cannoned Contemptor or a Relic Predator (I mean, what in the name of Slaanesh is a Relic Predator?), all this has left my Castigators feeling a little understrength and very unloved. My Hobby Turmoil (or Hobby Butterfly Syndrome) is threatening to over-whelm me as I look at my coffee table over-run with miniatures……


As you can see, chaos reigns supreme in my household and my coffee table is over-run with engineered Chaos Spawn, Slaanesh Fiends, more Chaos Bikers, a Maulerfiend, a Daemon Prince and another spawn conversion for when my champions ever win a challenge!

So I need to rein in my HBS and the first step is recognizing I have a problem, so……

Hello, my name is Gary and I’d like to say that I suffer from Hobby Butterfly Syndrome. I have a problem when it comes to modelling and converting. My mind is as focussed as a meditating Buddhist’s as I work feverishly on my brilliant idea only for inspiration to leave me as the next ‘brilliant idea’ comes along.

So I need to make a plan…..and no, getting a bigger coffee table is not what I’m talking about. I shall endeavour to bring order to my twisted and chaotic mind, future ideas will no longer tempt me from my chosen task. To facilitate in this quest for order, I shall write a list, post it up on here and keep you updated on my progress….you’re all going to be my sponsors and help me defeat this debilitating weakness 😉

So here’s my list, to be followed to the letter:

  1. 3 Engineered Spawn of Slaanesh – Part built.
  2. 1 Natural Spawn Conversion(to be used for Boon Table roll) – Part built.
  3. 3 Chaos Bikers – Part built.
  4. Maulerfiend – Part built.
  5. 5 Fiends of Slaanesh – Part built.
  6. Daemon Prince (Boon Table) – Part built.
  7. Slaanesh Soul Grinder – Part built.

And there we have it…..although I do have a really cool idea for a Slaanesh Lord on a bike, so I might have to squeeze him in some where as well. Hopefully this list will keep me honest.

Until next time……Stay Frosty.


6 thoughts on “Hobby Turmoil

    • I was thinking Eldar, but then Paul posted his Nurgle list up on the Blog, so I’m toying with the idea of my Castigators again just for the chance of meeting him!

  1. Lovely looking spawn. Maybe you should do an Imperial army for a change, you haven’t done one yet have you?

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