2014 invitational – the results are up!

Invitees cold but happy!

Invitees cold but happy!

What a wonderful weekend and what a fine body of men.

The New Venue for this years Invitational was very good. The church is a terrific hall but it is a little cold and unless one is prepared for it you might have a very uncomfortable day. However, with a few layers, and a few slugs of rum in your coffee it is a spectacular place to play toy soldiers. I hope the venture succeeds as it deserves to and Richard has put a lot of effort into getting it off the ground. Check it out at sanctuarygamingcentre.co.uk

As always the Invitational went swimmingly. I am sure that some of the players will add their own comments below, but I think overall it was a great event. Twenty two players, so the biggest yet, descended on Mansfield for two days of intense gaming – 8 games, mucho beer, Jumbo challenge burgers and little sleep.

The titanic struggle for first place was dwarfed by the girly scratching and name calling that passed for a fight on the bottom tables. Ultimately however it was Geoff who came away holding the Golden Turkey.

The Golden Turkey recipient 2014, Mr Geoff Hamilton

The Golden Turkey recipient 2014, Mr Geoff Hamilton

For the first time ever there was a draw for first place. Only by counting back and identifying that only one player had not actually lost a game was the victor identified and it was the mighty Rob Simms who had pipped a previous winner, Allen El-Sour by a whisker to snatch the ultimate accolade.

Rob and Thermofax 2014 winner

Rob and Thermofax 2014 winner

Please do add comments and thoughts in the boxes below. I will take on board the more sensible suggestions for next year. I must say this little event gets better and better. I put it down to the attitude of the players so please give yourselves a pat on the back and remember that you are all special.

By the way, I have just looked closely at the photographs and if I am not mistaken it seems that everyone is smiling, surely a good sign at any event?


6 thoughts on “2014 invitational – the results are up!

  1. The perfect example of the great British capacity for understatement;

    “…a terrific hall but a little cold.”

  2. ” A little cold” What planet are you on Michael? I had to attend A&E when I got home on Sunday evening for Frostbite 🙂

    Seriously though whilst it is a brilliant venue and I really enjoyed the event, playing 5 games on the Saturday with no form of heating was just too long, to the extent that both I and my opponent in round five spent more time trying to stay warm than playing.

    Other than the cold I had a brilliant time, playing 8 great games. all of which were fought in the spirit of the event. Saturday night at the Pub/Restaurant was excellent especially listening to Mssrs Bolton & Madely provide the best/chesseyest quotes from movies of old.

    My thanks to both Brad and Tim who provide travel assistance, allowing me to attend, and to Michael for organising the event.

  3. I know it was cold and I know you all understand there was nothing to be done about it. I had done all I could in warning you all. I had taken special precautions and I layered up and overall I felt OK. As the Marines say, there is no such thing as bad conditions , just bad clothing!

    Richard is aware of the problem but in reality it will be expensive to fix and only a problem for a few months of the year. Whether he considers it viable is his decision.

    I can do more cheesy old movie quotes any time you want!

    Thanks for coming again Rob. I know it wasn’t the easiest of times for you and you worked hard to get a lift so Im glad that you enjoyed it.

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