Invitational scores on the doors….


Gloat? Sometimes, you really have to. Some of you may want to make some excuses….. 

Rob Simms Marines 140

Allen El-Sour Grey Knights 140

Chris Green Tau 125

Paul Scott Nurgle 120

Rob Madeley Dark Eldar 120

The ‘Mitch’ Bolton Necrons 110

Tim King Ultra  Marines 110

Gary Marsh Eldar 110

Dave Walcot Tyranids 110

Neil Gibbons Tyranids 105

Iain Miller Space Wolves 100

Alex West Ultra Marines 100

Tim Read Orks 95

Brad Za Lad White Scars 90

Pete Bradley Nurgle 90

Rob Kancidrowski Nurgle 90

Seb Perz Orks 90

Steve Pearce Dark Angels 90

Matt Pearce Tau 90

Jason Miller Tau 85

Rob Cullen Khorne 68

Geoff Hamilton Guard 55




3 thoughts on “Invitational scores on the doors….

  1. I think, apart from showing that Geoff was a worthy winner of the Golden Turkey, it shows that the scoring system needs a major overhaul next year. two tie for 1st, then two for 4th and then four for 6th
    Personally, I’m a big fan of the scoring system Tim implemented at the Caledonian, it keeps you battling for points, even when the win is beyond you.

      • Perhaps you might have word with Rob and Allen regarding the last round scores, a little bird told of some shenigans.

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