White Dwarf – Issue Four


I finally got around to buying an issue of White Dwarf Weekly and I’d thought I’d share my findings…….

……..I’m sure, just like me, everybody wants to like White Dwarf. Most of us are old enough to remember the “good ol’ days” when you waited eagerly for the month end to come along just to see what inspiration Jervis Johnson, Jes Goodwin, John Blanche and the up-and-coming Andy Chambers could inject into our hungry and fevered minds.

A great deal of time has passed since those halcyon days and, for more years than I care to remember, White Dwarf was nothing but an expensive joke. Something needed to happen and GW’s solution was pretty radical……enter White Dwarf Weekly.

This weeks issue is the first that has held any appeal for me. The first 3 issues have been focussing on Fantasy Dwarves, which hold no interest to me whatsoever. Gone are the stunty little bores, to be replaced by something much more to my liking……yes, this week is all about the Imperial Knights!


Twenty two of the thirty two pages are given over to these iconic behemoths…..and crikey, what stunning models they are. A few pages of eye candy are interlaced with interesting text on their history and Heraldry, which remind me of White Dwarf of old 🙂


A brief interlude in the form of the Sentinels of Terra and Legion of the Damned Supplements breaks up the eye candy, and although it’s an advert, it’s damned tasty one! I hope GW continue to publish their adverts in this way, it teases the imagination and draws you in rather than leaving you thinking ‘stop with the adverts!’


After that there’s a few pages discussing the background and design ideas with Jervis and Jes, which I found very interesting. The only downside was it was too short for me, but I’m sure someone once said “always leave them wanting more.”


This weeks Paint Splatter continues the theme with some interesting tips on painting your colossus.


Followed by a couple of pages about the plastic kit.


After all that goodness, you’d think they’d wind down with the Imperial Knights , but no, we’re not done yet! next up are a few pages with rules for the mighty engines of destruction!


After all this there is a section called ‘This Week In White Dwarf’ which is an eclectic mix of what the White Dwarf crew have been up to.



I really enjoyed this issue, but it’s all about 40k, so it was always going to appeal to me. The change from Monthly to weekly will take some getting used to as it leaves me with the feeling that I want more, but for the price of a pint (or the price of half a pint if you’re unlucky enough to live darn sarf) it’s entertaining enough. There’s a good couple of hours reading to be had out of it (which is a damn sight more than there has been in White Dwarf monthly, for the last few years), with even more as a reference source.

It’s not perfect by any means but for me it is a massive step in the right direction. I can’t help thinking that White Dwarf might do better to mix 40k and Fantasy within each issue to encourage more cross-over. I have often bought fantasy models for 40k conversions after seeing them in a White Dwarf but with each WDW appearing to be all 40k or all Fantasy, I’m unlikely to buy an issue that focuses on Fantasy that week. Then again, it’s probably too small a product to split the focus over a week.

Overall, I’d give it a 9 out of 10. It would have been a perfect 10 if it had had a battle report in it, but I imagine that it would be impossible to do a quality Bat Rep every week.


5 thoughts on “White Dwarf – Issue Four

  1. Thanks for sharing Gary. After spending the better part of 3-4 hrs this week getting my old White Dwarf Subscripion cancelled and my money back after GW had automatically placed me down to receive Warhammer Visions, it’s been interesting to read your review of this weeks White Dwarf, to the extent I’m actually considering purchasing it now (which also has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I’ve also just Pre ordered a Knight from Triple Helix at 25% off RRP.)

    I had a look at the 2nd edition of WD Weekly whilst at the Invitational a few weeks back, and really didnt think much to it. However as you’ve stated, each week now seems to be themed towards a particular gaming system and not playin WFB there wasn’t really much chance I would be interested.

    So going on your review I think I will get issue 4 of WD Weekly, the only thing now is do I walk into town in the hope of getting a copy from the Newsagents or shall I take the easy way out and just buy a digital copy?


    • You won’t be disappointed Rob.
      It’s a good little read and is certainly a breath of fresh air to the old stale Dwarf.
      White Dwarf of yesteryear was always more than showing me the latest models, it kept my head in the hobby, inspired me if you will and stoked my imagination, encouraging me to delve deeper into the hobby. I’m not convinced that it can give me what I want on a regular basis, but it’s a different product to what we’ve had before and one that may well achieve the same ideals that White Dwarf of yesteryear did for many years.

  2. Maybe, just maybe we will get a good edition once every three or four weeks, that covers what we crave. So we could end up buying it as a monthly like the old one, but miss the stuff that we never read much anyways.
    I have also ordered me a Kiniggit, just cauze they are so nice, also bigger than some folks led me to believe, based on the video on BOLS, about 1 1/2 times the size of the GK walker and just slightly shorter but much bulkier than the Eldar grand poof.
    Purchased the Legion of the Damned codex, thinking it was a paper book from Black Library (thats what it seemed to me DOH!) and having plonked it on my phone I must say it is a Spectacular FAILURE!!!!!!! It has 91 pages of almost complete drivvell, just stories, many of which are reprints of old stuff from WD etc. ONE UNIT in there, FFSake, so I can have 4 Tac squads in a detachment and 4 in an allied detachment. A Sarge for a Warlord! and a Traits table. No Termies, No bikes, No jump packs, No vehicles or heavy support, just Tac Squads.

  3. Having come home from hospital to find my shinny new Knight waiting for me, I must say I’m rather under whelmed in every sense.

    This model comes in a Land Raider sized box and having explored inside I was presented with the kit on just 3 sprues. I feel rather dafted having shelled out about £65 for the model. At the moment this kit has just gone into my, “Maybe I’ll get round to doing you at some point pile”, as I’m not inspired.

    Maybe it’s just me but I was expecting a little more bang for my buck, ( & a f*ck off great box brimming with components like the Baneblade and Stomper kits I bought a few years back).

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