A Moment of Weakness……Again!

I popped down to the local hobby shop this morning to get this weeks issue of White Dwarf and look what fell into my impulsive calloused hands.


Damn GW and their tricksy ways of feeding my addiction to Chaos…….

……I really wasn’t going to buy this, but the ‘leaked’ rumours about Possessed becoming troops fitted my Castigators background perfectly. For those interested My Castigators are an Imperial Fists successor Chapter who have vowed ‘that all Sons of Dorn shall bend the knee to Slaanesh.’ In game terms all of my Possessed wear armour from the Imperial/Crimson Fists & the Black Templars.

I was holding out for the mythical Legion/Slaanesh supplement but I have this theory that GW will never release one. I get the feeling that GW doesn’t want to encourage the rivalry that exists between the Gods. Every Chaos release after the ‘Glorious 3.5’ has played down this rivalry and GW thinks it’s perfectly fine for an Emperors Children army to have a Khorne Lord of Skulls in it. I remember, just after the 4th Chaos Codex was released, being at a seminar at GWHQ and I asked the question if they were working on any rules for mono God Chaos Space Marines. Jervis and Gav Thorpe were completely thrown by the overwhelming desire of people in the meeting wanting rules for mono God and Legion lists. In the end Jervis said something about them looking into it in the future. Two Codexes later and they’re still ignoring what many Chaos players want to see…..Shrug…..Anyhoo, I digress, like all good Slaanesh followers, I can resist everything but temptation, so I’m now the proud owner of the latest Chaos Supplement.

I’ve had a very brief look through it (apologies if you thought this would be a review of it, but it’s just random ramblings really). Like the other supplements it contains just two pages of rules. The quality of the book is the usual high standard with lots of glossy piccies and cool background. I’ve realised that I’m more of a book man than a digi-lover, I love the smell of a freshly printed book (and being a printer you’d think I’d be immune to that by now!), so the book works for me. There are twenty pages of missions to look through and I’m sure me and Rob will get plenty of use out of them.

Overall I like the book, but for me I’m more interested in the hobby side than I am in competing in tournaments these days, so your value may vary.

Right, I’m off to build a new bookcase so my shelves stay on the wall….until next time…. stay frosty! 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Moment of Weakness……Again!

  1. Can you give us a bit of a run down once you’ve had a little time to look through please Gary, as dependant upon your feedback I may well invest in a copy (Now if it’s digital or hard copy is a whole nother decision to make)

    • I’ve had a bit more time to look at the supplement and I have to say I love it. The background is great and the missions look to be very entertaining.
      From a competitive view point it doesn’t address the Chaos Marines’ weaknesses, such as ‘Champion of Chaos’ or how to get your army into optimal range (no infiltrate or decent delivery system) amongst others.

      However from a hobby point of view it has enormous potential. It goes a long way towards allowing Chaos players to build their favoured legions. As I mentioned before, my Castigators have a preference for Possessed and although Possessed are still too expensive for a strength 5 Marine, the new Possessed table, coupled with them now scoring, makes them a little better than they were before. For World Eaters this is the Codex I would use to represent them. They scream Word Bearers as well if I’m understanding what they can ally with.

      Initially I thought that they could only ally with Codex: Chaos Space Marines, but after rereading and thinking about it I think they just follow the Chaos Codex Allies Matrix. Here are the allies rules for the two Codexes:

      ALLIES (Black Legion)
      In addition to following the Allies Matrix for Codex: Chaos Space Marines, Black Legion detachments and Codex: Chaos Space Marines detachments may ally together, treating each other as Battle Brothers.

      Whereas the Crimson Slaughter states:
      A Crimson Slaughter detachment can ally with a Codex: Chaos Space Marines detachment as Battle Brothers (and vice versa).

      There is a distinct difference but GW writes things inconsistently all the time. I see this as a modification to the standard allies chart, just like the rest of the supplement is a modification to the standard chaos codex. Normally CSM cannot ally with CSM, they’re clarifying that they can. I’d be surprised to see it enforced otherwise.

      Overall, I would say that if your main army is Chaos Space Marines, then this is a must buy (I think that about the Black Legion supplement as well), it gives a lot of fun options for you to explore and is a wonderful resource to get your creative juices flowing.
      If you aren’t really into Chaos Space Marines (philistine) or are only interested in the competitive scene then you can give it a miss.

      • Sounds interesting, having grown to love the Traitor Legions and thus Traitor Chapters, I think I may well splash out on this as I can get the hard copy with 25% off from Triple Helix.
        Do you have the hard copy of Balck Legion or just the android version? Unfortunately Black Legion is only available direct from GW for the hard copy at £30, and the Ipad digi version is £25 so I’ll have to see which I actually go for on this Codex Supplement.

      • I only have it on my computer at the moment, but I plan on buying it the next time I’m at GWHQ.

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