Iron Hands Codex-Digital Version

So whilst in hospital recently the whisperings of Slaanesh grew ever stronger in my head, and the temptation to get one of the digital Codexs GW have been releasing for a year or two became unbearable.

I’d been considering getting a Digital Codex for a while (having had an Ipad for a couple of years), but like Gary I really like the look, feel and smell of having a real living book in my hands, and so hadn’t convinced myself to “Go digital”. 

With the temptation becoming too much it was just down to which one to get. I had a look through the Dexs available via the Itunes store, discounting those I already had in hard copy and was left with about half a dozen titles, all being the new “Codex Supplements”.

I was aware that these books disappointingly had little extra rules, unit additions etc. but were filled with oodles of fluff aswell as special missions for the army. So which one to get? In the end the draw of the Emperor was just too strong for Slaanesh (and with the recommendation of a mate who’d already got it), so I plumped for Clan Raukaan (Iron Hands Space Marines) Codex Supplement.



At 118 pages for £24.99 (which was really only £12.50 as I’d picked up a few £25 Itune cards on offer at half price from Tesco), I actually thought it was pretty good value in comparison to some of the rule books GW have recently churned out, those having around 50-60 pages for anything between £20-£30.

The book is broken down into six sections, the first being how to use the book! Section two is all background (and pretty good it is), with section three being the glossy photos. Section four is the additional rules both for fielding Iron Hands but also, Altars of War, Echoes of War and Planetstrikes special rules allowing an Iron Hands Army to be utilised in all the different additional rules sets for waging war in the 40K Universe GW have produced.

Moving on section five is the Alter of War Missions (new missions for standard 40K games but centred around Iron Hands), whilst section six is yet more new missions but based around the fluff provided regarding decisive battles of Clan Raukaan throughout it’s 10,000 years of history.

My eCopy of Clan Raukaan is the interactive Ipad version that’s £5 more than the standard pdf ebook but allows you to click on icons and get up close photos displaying detail of some of the painted minatures, aswell as clicking on wargear or rules titles and it then bringing up another window containing all the relevant information you require.

Whilst I’ve read about 50% of the book so far and do like what I’ve read (content wise), I’m still not sold on the digital versions over and above a hard copy. However GW have now come to their senses (from a business perspective) most of the time, and the general rule of thumb (there are a few exceptions) is as follows, pdf ebook version £20, Ipad version £25, Hard Copy £30.

I think for me whilst I can get a hard copy of a book at the same price as the Ipad version I’ll stay old school (The new Imperial Knights both versions at £25). Where as when the hard copy is more expensive (The Red Slaughter £25 Ipad/£30 Hard Copy) I’ll probably be tempted to go digital.




2 thoughts on “Iron Hands Codex-Digital Version

  1. I have this supplement on my computer (along with just about every Codex/Supplement released to date) and I still haven’t read it yet.
    I think it’s mainly because I don’t like the format that they use for Android/computers, I just cannot get a feel for digital at the moment. They’re too cumbersome to use compared to the paper version, trying to build a list is a nightmare. I think that’s where the ipad really excels, the hot-links make it feel more like the paper version (they’re probably even easier to use).
    I toyed with getting an ipad but thought better of spending 300 quid just to read a Codex 😉

    • “They’re too cumbersome to use compared to the paper version, trying to build a list is a nightmare.”

      That’s a fair point, the supplements aren’t too bad as they’ve only got a couple of pages of rules, but I can well imagine trying to go backwards and forwards within a main Dex may be an issue, however that’s only supposition.

      Do we have any input from someone who’s got access to or used a digital copy of a main Codex?

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