Et Tu Helbrute?



Just when I thought that I’d successfully gone through cold turkey and overcome my addiction to plastic crack, they start sprinkling Daemon Dust everywhere and I’m addicted all over again…..

……..I’m sure most people have seen the images of the new Helbrute model. I thought I was safe from their daemonic charms, I have two dreads already, who needs more than that? Also I really don’t like their legs, I mean, come on, those thighs look like they’ve done some serious steroids.



But Slaanesh help me, the rest of the model looks very tasty. But still, who needs more than two Dreads anyway? Devious cookies that they are, GW decided that I do!

Enter the Helbrute Data-Slate…..


Okay, a cool background and a model that could be made to look cool if I did something with those thighs, but still, I can resist that……


…..Okay that looks pretty cool. I’m not sure on what that will do but it is tempting…..Still, I already have two, who needs more than that, right?


……Damn, that sounds intriguing……’curdled dreams of glory’…..oh must resist…..


 Noooooo……Damn them to hell and back……Deepstriking Dreads!!! Sold to the gibbering addict in the corner, because you can never have enough Dreads eh? 😉


3 thoughts on “Et Tu Helbrute?

  1. I’m planning on getting one just because of all the extras you get with the kit, then the question is Khornate or Nurgle?

    I already have both the FW Nurgle/Death Guard Models, plus a standard Marine Dread for converting from scratch into a Nurgle Dread/Helbrute and whilst this kit can be made to look sort of Nurgley my personal opinion is that it would still need a fair bit of conversion work, so I think I’d go for Khornate to accompany my other ready for battle World Eater/Khornate Dread.

    I can certainly appreciate how the ripped calves on this Helbrute are a bit of a turn off, tho I’m sure they’ll go down with Westie 🙂 .

    This kit will be in my next order with Triple Helix (I’m not on comission-honest) along with the Red Slaughter Dex and maybe even a Chaos Marine Attack Force if I’m feeling overly flushed.

  2. Glad you liked it Iain 🙂

    I’ve just downloaded it and I have to say to every Chaos player, get it…..get it NOW!
    A helbrute leading up to 70 cultists making them fearless and receiving a 3+ cover save from the worthless scum….oh yes!

    Deepstrike 3 of the blighters and watch the mayhem unfold …..Oh yes!

    Have a squadron of up to 5 with one of them a champion who can Look-Out-Sir and has a 5+ invulnerable save……hell yes I’m there!

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