The Amethyst Sileni. No hell is deeper than their Pride.

So after much to-ing and fro-ing I have eventually finished the first of my possessed with the new colour scheme and based him up

. I now plan to target the possessed squads for completion first then work my way through the competition list that I am using in Aldershot next month. After that it just a repaint job on over 200 infantry, tanks, fliers etc. Oh deep joy but at least it will keep me off of the streets!


Vorlath repaired and on new base.



Unnamed sorcerer [finding decent Phoenician names is a pain in the ass]


Resheph icon bearer and former company apothecary.


The current unit but I plan to take it to a full 20 models with the centaur possessed going up to 12.


Hopefully some of the pictures are a bit clearer now



3 thoughts on “The Amethyst Sileni. No hell is deeper than their Pride.

  1. So you should be finished by the end of the week then?
    Looking good brother, but try putting the camera in the same room as the model next time 😉
    Seriously, can you try and get a closer shot of it (top tip: Use the back of your limited edition Daemon Codex as a backdrop to cut out all the clutter).
    Cool name as well by the way 😀

  2. They look sexy as hell brother, Vorlath has certainly gotten better looking under Our Lady’s light!
    Lot’s of cool ideas that I may have to pinch 😉

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