Storms of Judgement Campaign – The Pandora Cluster Unveiled.


Janus had fought with Void Span’s machine spirit for days, overcoming one obstacle only for the space station’s malignant intelligence to throw up yet another.
Lucian had suggested purging it and allowing the never-born to infest it, but Janus dismissed the Sorceror’s idea immediately. Truth was, Janus admired its tenacity, it was a worthy adversary and technology such as this should be harnessed….revered even. Finally the Warpsmith had mastered it, taming its spirit and establishing his dominance.
Nestor was delighted when the scatter-field was disabled, revealing the Pandora Cluster in all its glory, ripe for the plucking. Using his…..Voidspan’s sensors to delve deep into the system and unearth its secrets had been an exhilarating experience and the Warpsmith marvelled at just how sophisticated his…..Voidspan’s alien sensors were. Exploring the…..station’s other systems had been a fascinating experience that had opened him up to stimuli that he could never have dreamed of.
With the scatter-field down, it had become evident that his…..Voidspan’s position could no longer be triangulated, making it ideal as a permanent base for the Castigators. Janus was pleased when his lord gave permission for him to stay behind and refit Voidspan to suit the Chapter’s needs.
“So nothing can be done?” Asked Nestor.
“Janus has become fully integrated with the station’s machine spirit.” Lucian replied.
“His body is merely an empty husk, my lord, but at least we have full control of the station.”  


The end of the first phase of the Storms of Judgement campaign came to an end with the Castigators claiming the Space Station Voidspan and shutting down the scatter-field to reveal more of the Pandora Cluster. The system is wide open for conquest and the Slaves to Darkness, Prophets of War and Crusade of Deliverance have all set their sights on the planets that have been revealed.

The race is on to claim the system and sensors have detected four new planets to fight over.



Once, the richest planet in the Pandora Cluster, Mammon is a shadow of its former glory. Although some of the population has survived, who can say the hardships, depravities and sacrifices that they have had to endure to do so?



The thick jungles of Morbus have long been rumoured to contain strange alien artefacts. More than one Rogue Trader has tried to steal its secrets, but the deadly flora and fauna have meant few have left its surface alive.



Ancient Explorator records show that Invidia was once a verdant world covered in great green plains and thick forests, yet now it seems to be scorched to near ruin.  Rumours abound of a great apocalyptic war that saw forbidden weapons unleashed. Perhaps some these weapons remain for the taking?





The one-time sector capital and seat of power now lies in ruins, its hives shattered and cities destroyed. There is still a population, but it is divided into brutalised factions waging their own civil war for control of the world. Still, the planet is laden with resources, including endless fertile plains, and is symbolically the capital, if not in reality.


The Cold Steel Mercs had a get-together to have a weekend of gaming, drinking and just enjoying ourselves, so we thought we’d battle for supremacy of the capital Pandemonium. In my next post I’ll give a brief run down of what happened and who came out on top.

Until next time…..Stay Frosty 🙂





11 thoughts on “Storms of Judgement Campaign – The Pandora Cluster Unveiled.

  1. Looking forward to it Gary. Your system map looks impressive, and the effort you’ve put into it certainly shows, giving another level to the Storms of Judgement Campaign, keep up the good work.

    • Cheers Rob.
      The campaign map was really fun and incredibly quick to paint, I felt like Bob Ross with my brush……we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents!

  2. The next battle would be fought over Invidia when the Orks and Daemons join forces to battle Vorlath and Fabius who join forces with the soul less Tau in the deep south. Battle report and pictures to follow for the 5000 point a side epic battle over Easter!

    • Excellent… help you appreciate your mega-battle even more, I’ll be working all weekend 😛

      • Shame mate, I will endeavour to keep you updated with texts on how the battle goes. Oh and send me your shift pattern so that we can finish that game off.

  3. +++burst transmission gamma. Strength 5. Incoming+++

    Immediate boarding approved.
    Fleet Pacific Vengence to Pandora Cluster – action alpha urgent
    Embark standby recon units for planetfall

    What recon units thought Admiral Viralle? There were no Astra Militarum units within a dozen light years. His own naval troops had been engaged on the ground fighting along side the local tribal militia taking down Ork insurgents. But something had to be done. If he didn’t launch soon he would lose the warp storm window and his masters would be very angry.

    There was nothing for it. Viralle stabbed the comms panel. “Get me Raheem”

    The Night Devils were about to leave Tallarn.

  4. Awesome!

    I can’t wait to get stuck back into the hobby with engineering disappearing stage left.

    The map looks great Gary, really good.

    Just one question, who the hell is Bob Ross??

  5. alexwesttraining on 16/04/2014 at 1:23 pm said:

    “Just one question, who the hell is Bob Ross??”

    I’m glad you asked Alex as I was thinking the same thing but didnt want to maybe look silly asking a question that everyone else knew the answer to 🙂

  6. Bob Ross????? You have never lived until you have watched this man paint on TV
    America’s answer to Tony Hart but for grown ups LOL.
    Had a show to show you how to paint basically and looked like an Owl peering out
    of an ivy bush.

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