An extensive bits box…!

So my time moonlighting as an engineer is rapidly drawing to a close and I have, and will have, a lot more spare time to actually live life a little.

One advantage is more hobby time!

So I have spent much of the last week fiddling with Ultramarine lists and rooting through my bits box.

Having come up with a solid balanced list I set about working out how much it was going to cost to put together. The money didn’t really bother me but I like to have an idea in my head how much an army is going to be so I can plan funky additions if it comes in less than I thought it would be.

One such item being the forge world rapier destroyer that I bought to use as a thunder fire cannon.

Anyway, having done all that I started rooting through my bits box and left over sprues and have managed to put together 5 bikes, a captain on a bike, a tech marine for the thunder fire cannon and the vast majority of a devastator squad.

Not too shabby and has saved me quite a bit of cash which leaves plenty for funky bits to spruce up the army a little.

Of course, getting stuck into a brand new army and finding some time to enjoy the hobby again has led to me casting a somewhat sorrowful eye over my wolves and the condition they are in which could end up with me doing something with those guys as well.

Especially with the rumoured Space Wolf codex coming up in the not too distant future.

So what is the most you have put together out of your sprues and bits box?

Has anyone managed to put together more than me?

Maybe an entire army!

Let me know 🙂


9 thoughts on “An extensive bits box…!

  1. Increased my Deathwing list by 22 terminators……found 24 Noise Marines with back packs and weapons. My entire inquisition army from models that I bought because I liked them without thought as to what I would actually do with them. Oh and I have a cupboard that is 2m high still full of bits, still not as bad as Pete though who has a bits loft!

  2. I have an entire blood angels army in my bits box. Plus Nids guard grey knights and a second ork army and now a crimson slaughter army

  3. Do you remember when your bits box actually fitted in a box? It seems such a long time ago to me.
    It’s strange how a bits box evolves, army ideas that never came to fruition, models that were just too cool not to buy (and then never did anything with them), army deals that had stuff in them that you just didn’t need, even models that were given to me by friends.
    For the last good few years my ‘bits box’ acquisitions have taken a more extravagant turn, I now buy kits specifically to add to my bits box.
    Having returned to my hobby roots, my interests lie exclusively with Chaos (specifically Slaanesh), and this has led to the discovery of kits I just have to own. Some of GW’s model kits are now ‘must haves’ such as:
    WFB Slaanesh Hellstriders – The kit that keeps on giving, Torsos for aspiring champions, Legs for Chaos Bikers, Banner and Icon (you can never have too many!), helmet crests, whips (drool), daemonic lances that make great blades and that’s not including the sexy Steeds.
    Dark Eldar Talos – Another kit that is a must have for Slaaneshites, the blades, hooks, and arms are great for conversions.
    Mauler/Forgefiend – Everybody loves daemonic engines of destruction (well they do if they have any taste!), I may not be the biggest fan of the actual model (it is growing on me), but the possibility for conversions with the ‘left overs’ are endless.
    Helbrute – The new Helbrute kit has loads of extras that are sure to be used in future projects.
    WFB Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon – I originally bought this to tart up my Heldarke, but this is a kit that has so many additional parts that it’s a must have for anybody interested in Chaos or Inq28.
    Warp Talons – They may not be that great on the table but these models are bloody gorgeous, they’re everything that the Chaos Space Marines should look like. The shoulder pads, helmets and weapons look fantastic scattered around a squad of Chaos Marines.

    These are just some of the things I can’t do without, has anybody else discovered a model/kit that they just can’t do without?

  4. I know what you mean. I have more stock in my garage than the local GW store…. And then there are my bits boxes. One each for chaos, necron, marines and IG. Oh and the vehicle bits in another box. Funny thing is I never have the bits I want.

  5. I find many of the basic box sets are really great for parts. The Grey Hunter box has tons of added extras and the same for the Tactical Marine set.

    The Thunderwolf box set also has a ton of cool bits in it.

    I wish my stuff fitted in a bits box. In reality I seem to have a ton of sprues with bits and bobs on there taking up a load of space. Some sprues have 2 marine helmets on!

  6. I bought a box of the new sternguard, not to use as sternguard (I already have a converted squad), but to add the bits to, you guessed it, my bits box. They are so blinged they have a multitude of uses. From torsos and legs for characters and honour guard to the many combi weapons and shoulder pads for vet sets. As Tony the tiger said, theyrrrrrrr great. As many of you have said, I also have several bits boxes for my different armies plus at least 3 of the really useful boxes full of vehicle sprue. Occasionally I’ll have a cull and consolidate a few things but I struggle to get rid of stuff because you never know…

  7. Like most of the commentators so for it’s been a long time since I had a Bits Box (singular).
    Rather like Steve mentioned for Pete I rather have a Bits Loft, in actual fact my Wife jokes with just about anyone who asks about my hobby that should I pop my clogs she could live on the proceeds of selling my minis for at least a couple of years!

    Not wanting to state the

    alexwest7 on 20/04/2014 at 9:29 am said:
    Some sprues have 2 marine helmets on!

    Why don’t you just clip your spares of the sprues Alex, it will provide you with loads more space.

    From time to time I buy stuff on Ebay and TWF and by far the experience I enjoy the most is if I manage to pick up someones old Bits Box. However as stated by Michael I still never end up with the bits I need and invariably have an extended Bits list to enable me to complete whole models.

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