Storms of Judgement Campaign – Pandemonium Unleashed


Ten of the Cold Steel Mercenaries got together at Warhammer World to drink beer, chat and generally just have a good time…..oh yeah, and we played a few games as well πŸ˜€ . We decided that the games would be fought over the freshly discovered planet of Pandemonium from the Storms of Judgement Campaign. Here’s how we got on…….


All three protagonists from the campaign were ably represented with an eclectic mix of armies. The Crusade of Deliverance had a strong force of Marines in the form of Neil’s Mentors, Alex’s Space Wolves and Iain’s Red Scorpions, I’m pretty sure the Ultramarines made an appearance as well, as I recall Alex muttering something about “We would’ve won if it wasn’t for the Ultramarines polishing their helmets”.

The Slaves to Darkness had a distinctly noisome stench about them with Rob’s Death Guard, Paul’s Nurgle Renegades (I still don’t know if they have a name yet?), Pete’s icky Nurgle Daemons and my brothers Emperors Children. To be fair to my brother, he soon realised just how pungent they were and switched sides to the cool kids on the block.

The Prophets of War had the largest diversity of all with my Castigators cajoling, bribing and belittling many of their allies to fight for their cause. Michael’s Necrons and Thousand Sons, Matt’s Tau, Neil’s Daemons and even my brother’s Emperors Children all succumbed to my irresistible charm and sweet temptations that only a true disciple of Slaanesh can offer!Β 

Planet fall

Early stages of the Campaign saw a lot of players switching sides with Rob’s Death Guard losing out to Neil’s Khorne Daemons to give the Prphets their first Territory. The Castigators took on Pete’s Nurgle Daemons, smashing them aside (despite Pete getting 14 Plague Bearers on the Warp Storm table!) to claim their second territory…..


……it didn’t all go the Prophets way though, as the perfidious Tau switched sides to fight for the Crusade of Deliverance against the noble, but ultimately slow, Thousand Sons……Β 


……Matt’s Tau made short work of the Prophets Thousand Sons to earn the Crusaders a territory……Michael could be heard all across Warhammer World lamenting the fact that “I knew that was going to happen” …..such is the gift (curse?) of Tzeentch.

Paul’s Nurgle Renegades clashed with Steve’s Emperors Children, smashing them aside to earn the Slaves of Darkness a territory.


It’s at this point that I have to apologise for the lack of photos, I was merrily snapping away at all the games, but unfortunately most of them turned out to be more than a little blurry. I put it down to excitement, it was nothing to do with the beer….honest!

The War Rages

More and more territories fell as war raged across Pandemonium, the Castigators faced off against Paul’s Nurgle renegades. Having played against Paul’s Nurgle warband before, I knew my main priority was his uber bike squad with two level 3 Sorcerors. Everything that could, opened fire on them blasting apart three of the bikers and putting a wound on a Sorceror, I was a little disappointed with the result, but then I realised that because they were led by Sorcerors that they weren’t fearless……it is said that my echoes of laughter still reverberate around Warhammer World, yes they promptly legged it, earning me first blood and slay the warlord as well as ripping the heart out of his army…..BWAHAHAHAHAHA…

Alex’s Space Wolves clashed with Michael’s Thousand Sons in a re-enactment of Prospero Burns…..


…..unfortunately for the Prophets, it was a bit too like Prospero Burns, as the Wolves showed why they are known as the Emperor’s Executioners.

As more and more territories fell, hidden tunnels were discovered that led to the Hive city Port Suffering. First to enter them were the Slaves to Darkness with Steve’s Emperors Children alongside Rob’s Death Guard. Facing off against them were the Crudsade of Deliverance with Neil’s Ultramarines alongside Alex’s Space Wolves….


……much blood was shed, with the Space Wolves paying a heavy price for the Ultramarines obsession with ‘personal hygiene’ rather than fighting. The Slaves to Darkness hacked them, taking the territory to the east of the city.


In the North the Prophets and Crusaders clashed in the labyrinthine of tunnels with Michaels, Thousand Sons and the Castigators teaming up against Iain’s Red Scorpions and Matt’s Tau…..


… the battle progressed Steve’s Emperors Children teleported in and laid waste to Thousand Sons and Tau alike, but it was to no avail. the Alliance of Nestor Lustheart and Damon Broadcloak had never lost a battle yet, and they weren’t about to start now. The Prophets smashed all before them to claim the North entrance to the Hive City.


The battle for Port Suffering

Sunday Morning saw the battle for control of the Hive City. We all picked a commander up to 180pts and had a mass brawl on the Zone Mortalis Board. Steve had the option to fight for the Prophets of War or the Slaves to Darkness and, after whispering sweet temptations into his ear, chose to fight alongside his brother for the glory of the Prophets….at long last, Nestor and Vorlath reunited!

The Crusaders set up in the North East, with Alex using his trusty Rune Priest, Iain using the Red Scorpion psyker (can’t remember his name…Loth?) and Neil using some WAACed out cheesy abomination πŸ˜›


The Prophets of War deployed directly opposite in the South East, with Steve’s Slaanesh lord & Michael’s Tzeentch Sorceror leading the way, closely followed by Matt’s Tau Commander and my Slaanesh Lord.

Β Image

In a downright sneaky move, the Slaves to Darkness deployed in the South West putting the Prophets sandwiched between both factions. Rob’s Nurgle Lord leading the way, closely supported by Paul’s Nurgle Sorceror. Pete’s Nurgle Daemon Prince hid at the back like the big girl’s blouse that he is!


After much arguing amongst ourselves the Prophets headed for the Crusaders…..


……leaving the Slaves to outflank them…..


Throwing caution to the wind and dismissing any notion of tactics the Prophets made a very uncoordinated charge into the Crusaders…..


……as the diabolical Slaves closed in.


Pausing only to cast an unbelievable amount Β of psychic powers on themselves (some would say WAACy, bordering on cheating πŸ˜‰ ), the Crusaders smashed Michaels Tzeentch Sorceror and Steve’s Slaanesh Lord to the ground….In the background could be heard the sage advice of me saying “I told you we should have gone for the Slaves first!”.

Realising his predicament Nestor charged into Paul’s Sorceror with both of them putting a wound on each other. Rob’s Nurgle Lord, Festus charged in to face his old adversary….


smashing him to the ground while Paul’s Sorceror kept him occupied… took two of them though πŸ˜›


The Crusaders continued to hide and left the Slaves to do all the hard work, who promptly caught up with the Tau Commander and engaged him in combat…..


As the combat between the Tau Commander continued the Crusaders made their move….


Pete’s Daemon Prince finally made an appearance as the two Nurgle champions failed to do anything in combat with the Tau Commander…..


The Crusaders moved forward with Alex’s Rune Priest attempting to cast Jaws on Pete’s Prince and Iain’s Librarian trying out some other psychic shenanigans….


Loth? then charged in to the Daemon and Neil’s Commander charged into the combat with the Nurgle Lords. Pete’s Prince smashed Loth to the ground and the Tau Commander cut down Rob’s Nurgle Lord before hitting and running. Alex’s Rune Priest attempted to Jaws Pete’s Prince but took a wound in the attempt before the Daemon smashed him to the ground.


Neil’s Commander smashed Paul’s Nurgle Sorceror to the ground and turned to face the Nurgle Prince….


Before Neil’s Commander had time to lift his mighty hammer, Pete’s Daemon Prince had ripped him apart….


…..The Prince looked around for the Tau Commander, only to see the barrels of his Plasma Rifle staring him in the face. Pete’s Daemon Prince didn’t even have time to bellow his rage at Matt’s Tau Commander before he fell to the fusillade of Plasma…..The Prophets of War had taken Port Suffering!


The war raged on with all sides taking and losing territories. Many battle ended in stalemate with neither side able to gain the upper hand….


As the dust settled and the three factions consolidated their positions, it became evident that the Prophets had claimed the majority of the territories. Pandemonium was firmly in the hands of the Prophets….


The Crusade of Deliverance had taken the South East territories while the Slaves to Darkness held the Western territories. The Prophets of War are in the ascendancy but who knows if they can push on to claim the entire planet? Only time will tell…..


A massive thanks to the Cold Steel Mercs for a truly fantastic weekend. We have to do it again…..and sooner rather than later!Β 




16 thoughts on “Storms of Judgement Campaign – Pandemonium Unleashed

  1. It was a great weekend brother and I second the vote to do it again. I might not take the 5 helbrutes again but they were fun and this time you go at the front rather than cowering behind me in the commander face off πŸ™‚

    • Well if you insist on turbo boosting ahead of everybody… really need to get your premature urges under control Brother πŸ˜›

  2. Agreed great weekend hopefully my Mentors will be painted by the time of the next one. Oh Gary I playedwith my Mentors all weekend no deamons

    • Oops, I thought you had used Daemons against Rob…..I shall add another territory for the Crusaders.

    • I’ve already included that Iain, I’m not sure if it was you or Steve that told me about it but it earned you a Manufactorium on the map πŸ˜‰

  3. Brilliant, love it!

    And what a great weekend too. Exactly what the hobby should be all about I think.

    Maybe at the next one we should add some more structure and really push the campaign?

    Now who is going to organise that…?

    • That’s easily done. A map driven campaign is pretty straight forward and would allow for more ‘unusual’ games like doubles, three way battles and mega battles. The secret is to keep it simple while maintaining options for ideas that people want to explore.
      Just bringing a planet down to Warhammer World with lots of spare flags, would help to add more structure and focus πŸ˜€

  4. I have to say that we play a lot of doubles and they are great fun, you get to chat with your team mate and generally be rude about your opponents [in the right taste of course πŸ™‚ ] so more doubles games would get my vote.

  5. Apart from zone mortalis, couldn’t we do this somewhere other than WW? I’m thinking maybe Sanctuary. Only because it would allow us to use whatever we had available without the restrictions WW place on players regarding conversions and non-GW models.

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