Zone Mortalis on a budget

So after really enjoying playing ZM at the CSM get together I decided that I fancied building a small board for use at home.


Re-reading Gary’s blog I quickly realised that I had neither the time nor the patience to produce a proper board with casting up pillars etc as I have far to many other projects to get complete [not the least being repainting my army for an event in 3 weeks] so I went down the cheap and cheerful route. One visit to the community scrap store and plundering their resources for the princely sum of £4 [yes you read that right] and a couple of hours of cutting and messing about, I have managed to produce the board below. It needs more work, painting and some rationalisation to get it fully playable but for the cost I am pleased with it. Even if we only get to play with it occasionally then it will have paid for it’s self.


IMG_1862 (2) IMG_1863 (2) IMG_1864 (2)


15 thoughts on “Zone Mortalis on a budget

      • Michael,
        I was using it and viewing fine until the early hours (1 am) today, however since about 11 am this morning I keep getting informed the web address cannot be found. All very strange! Has it been hacked?

  1. Hmmm, well we have a community resource shop that sells stuff to play groups, schools etc so you might have that sort of thing near you, unless it is just a Somerset thing.

    • Oh right, thanks Steve, I’m not aware of such a resource up here but maybe I’m just not in the know. It certainly sounds a useful if you do have access to one.

  2. They still barter for goods where Steve lives, there was talk of them introducing money but with only 6 fingers on each hand to help them count, they thought better of it 😉

    Looking good Brother……thumbs up!

  3. Sorry to highjack Steve’s thread, but is anyone else have difficulty accessing the CSM Forum site?

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