Storms of Judgement Campaign – The Sacking of Mammon


Port Avarice was empty when Festus and his strike team dropped onto the central pad, his forces had fanned out to clear the facility encountering no opposition. Usually a planets main port would be a bustling hive of activity but of the denizens of Avarice there was no sign. The occupants had obviously left in haste, evident by the dropped trinkets and garments littering the streets.

His enforced exit of the space station left Festus with something of a quandary but with this undamaged space pad he could coordinate sweeps and searches of the system, it wouldn’t take long to locate Nestor and his decadent warband from here. With this in mind he set his menial’s to task fortifying the base and activating the deep space scanners. Moments after powering up the equipment warning beacons were flashing along with a droning klaxon.

“Master Festus we have company.” Warned Tek-Savant Darkmite.
“The Castigators are incoming!”


Rob I got together to try out my list for the ‘Restricted Access’ event that I’m going to at the end of the month. We decided to battle it out on the newly discovered planet of Mammon. We both had a territory on the planet so the battle was on to claim the Spaceport of Port Avarice….Here’s how we got on.


Death Guard

Festus – Lord of Nurgle, Bike, Burning Brand, Powerfist, Sigil of Corruption.
5 Plague Marines, 2 Plasma, Tosis with Power Axe.
5 Plague Marines, 2 Melta, Septicus with Power Axe.
5 Nurgle Spawn.
3 Obliterators.
Mayhem Pack – 1 with Multi-Melta & Fist, 1 with Twin-linked Lascannons & Fist, 1 with Plasma Cannon & Fist.

Nestor – Lord of Slaanesh, Steed, Burning Brand, Lightning Claw.
5 Noise Marines, Blastmaster.
5 Noise Marines, Blastmaster, 3 Sonic Blasters.
10 CSM’s, 2 Melta, Darius with Combi-Melta & Lightning Claw.
5 Bikers, 2 Melta, Korath with Lightning Claw.
Predator, Auto/Lascannons.
Mayhem Pack – 1 with Plasma Cannon & Power Scourge, 2 with Multi-Melta & Fist.


We rolled the Relic and Purge the Alien usin Hammer and Anvil Deployment.


I won the roll to go first and deployed my Noise Marines in both buildings as high up as possible, the Bikers hid behind a central ruin with the  Predator on my right and the Vindicator on the left.


Rob Deployed on his Spawn and Festus as far forward as possible, with both Plague Marine squads supporting and his Obliterators lined up against the Castigators’ Predator on his left.



Turn 1

The Bikers moved over to the left careful to keep out of line of sight of the Nurgle Obliterators, while the Vindicator moved up the left flank and popped smoke…..


…..The Noise Marines opened fire on the Nurgle Spawn and scattering wildly killed a Plague Marine. The Predator had better luck killing an Obliterator.


The Death Guard hurtled forward at frightening speed relying on the Obliterators to provide covering fire……which failed miserably.


Turn 2

The Castigators Mayhem Pack arrived along with their Heldrake……


All three Dreads, the Bikers, a Noise Marine squad squad and the Heldrake opened fire on the Nurgle Spawn…..


…..Killing two. The Noise Marines on the left opened fire on the Plague Marines in the centre, killing two.


The Death Guard Mayhem Pack arrived, one came in behind the Slaanesh Bikers….


…..Another near the Castigators’ Predator…..


…..and the final one supporting the depleted Plague Marines…..


Festus sent his Spawn towards the Noise Marines on the upper storey of the building while he moved towards the Slaanesh Helbrute…..


Disaster struck for the Death Guard’s Dreads, as they went crazy and tried to close on the enemy instead of shooting. The Obliterators took aim at the Predator and blew a Lascannon off of it. The Spawn Charged into the Noise Marines……


……Killing three for no loss. Festus Charged into the Dread, stripping a Hull point but losing a wound in the process….


Turn 3

Nestor and his Chaos Space Marines arrived on the left flank……


…….The Castigators Dreads suffered ‘Blood Rage’ and headed for the Nurgle Lord and the Spawn…..


…….the Heldrake vector-striked the Nurgle Dread but did no damage…..


…….The Bikers moved back to help out Nestor with the Nurgle Dread but failed to penetrate its armour….


Fortunately Nestor’s Chaos Marines were more than capable of destroying it. The Slaanesh Dreads charged into combat putting another wound on Festus and taking a wound from a Spawn. The Plague Lord stripped another hull point from the Plasma Dread to leave it with just one hull point remaining….


The Death Guard’s Grave Wardens arrived and deepstruck next to the Slaanesh Bikers…..



……killing one…..


The Nurgle Dread on the left immobilised the Slaanesh Vindicator with its Lascannon while the Dread on the right failed to harm the Predator……


…..To add insult to injury Festus was smashed to the ground by the Slaanesh Helbrutes, as the Spawn failed once again to kill the last Noise Marine

Turn 4

The Castigators Helbrutes passed their Crazed roll and moved towards the Obliterators blowing them apart with their Plasma Cannon and Multi-Melta. While the Slaanesh Bikers turbo boosted away from the dread Grave Wardens. The Vindicator blasted apart the Nurgle Helbrute that had immobilised it and the Predator destroyed the final Nurgle Helbrute. The Heldrake reduced one squad of Plague Marines to two models to finish off a devastating round of shooting for the Castigators. 


The Death Guard’s Terminators chased after the Bikes as the few remaining Plague Marines moved towards the Relic taking pot shots at the Heldrake as they went….


The Spawn finally dragged down the last Noise Marine but the Slaanesh Dread replied by tearing one of them apart.

Turn 5

The Slaanesh Bikers moved over towards the Plague Marines in the centre and Nestor joined them. Everything else levelled their guns at the Death Guard’s Terminators…..


The Slaanesh Bikers wiped out The Plague Marine squad with contemptous ease. Everything else opened fire on the Terminators wiping them out to a man with the Noise Marines accounting for 3 with their Sonic Blasters! As the Last of the Spawn were ripped to pieces the lone Plague Marine conceded possession of the Battlefield to the Castigators……  


Within hours of the Castigators’ victory, the inhabitants had returned. A great feast was laid out in their honour and the ruling Medici family lavished their saviours with gifts. Music and laughter echoed throughout the great hall as dancers cavorted with each other in an evocative manner. Slowly the old Medici leader rose to his feet and the celebrations ceased.

“A toast to honour our saviours” said the old man.

Nestor rose to the sound of cheering and held up a hand to stem the applause.

“Everything has a price, especially freedom.” He said nodding to Darius. “Slaanesh has need of your sons and daughters.”

More cheers and applause rang out across the hall drowning out the noise of the doors slamming shut.

“As for the rest of you….well….my Brothers…..they, have needs of their own!”

The sound of laughter soon turned to screams.





8 thoughts on “Storms of Judgement Campaign – The Sacking of Mammon

    • It really showed just how precarious it is using the Mayhem Pack. Even when I lost control of mine it was no great hardship, whereas yours really hurt……Such is the fickle nature of the Gods!

  1. Very nice guys. In visiting Mr. Pearce with the Night Devils list on Sunday so we shall report. Steve can you put together a 1500 point list with the rulers for Restricted Access? I will ring you to explain.

    Keep it up chaps.

    • I know Brother, the shame shall be beaten from my worthless hide with my lash of penitence!
      I’ve almost finished my first Dread and piccies will be posted of him at the weekend.

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