What a Wonderful Hobby – Shaithis the Penitent


Shaithis was the captain of the Castigators’ first company,leading the Chapter’s elite Terminators in countless actions. Whispered by some, although not within Nestor’s earshot, to be a future Chapter Master, he displayed all the characteristics one would expect to find in someone who had risen to such a high position. His cruelty and arrogance earned him few friends within the higher echelons of the Chapter, but success is a seductive mistress. 

It was during the attempted assault on the Space Station Voidspan that Shaithis’ hubris finally caught up with him. Tasked with securing a beach-head, his arrogance led to the Castigators being virtually wiped out and the destruction of two of the Chapter’s precious Helbrutes. Although Shaithis’ broken body was recovered, rather than allow the flesh-smiths to heal him, Nestor ordered him interred within the sarcophagus of one of the destroyed Helbrutes. Shaithis the Penitent is a reminder to all…..the price of failure.



I finally managed to get a Dread painted up and, as promised here’s some piccies.

I was hoping this one would be quick to build and paint, especially as all I had to do was remove the arms and fit more suitable weapons  (it was built for the previous Codex so had a missile launcher just in case it started shooting up its own troops). Unfortunately it took longer to put together than the Dark Vengeance Helbrute and the new Helbrute kit combined! Initially I tried the weapons from the new Helbrute kit, but realised that it looked too squat for a Slaanesh Dread. It didn’t help that the original model was the plastic Dread from the ‘Assault on Black Reach’ set so it was little smaller than a regular Dread to start with. Anyhoo, I decided to chop it in half  and use part of the Dark Eldar Talos body to give it a bit more height. after quite a bit of chopping and filing I managed to get it to a suitable height.


So after a final raid of my ‘bits box’ to add some horns, here’s how it turned out.





The base isn’t finished yet, but I have another two to paint before the end of the month, so that will have to wait for now. Hopefully I’ll have another completed by next week. Until then……Stay Frosty.


10 thoughts on “What a Wonderful Hobby – Shaithis the Penitent

  1. There yah go again, kinnell!!! How am I supposed to have the Chaosiest models when you go producing this sort of self flagelation material.
    Sweeett work Gary! Now go have the fifty lashes you’ve earned, and use the spikey lashes MMmmmmmmmm

    • It was his best buddy, Septicus, that gutted him Rob…….He has learnt his lesson though. Nestor was so pleased with him smashing your Nurgle Lord up at the sacking of Mammon, that he’s ordered the Flesh-Smiths to reconnect his nerve endings to his power scourge

    • Cheers pal. Got to say I’ve been following your Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons on your Blog very closely. They look wonderful.
      For those interested (and why wouldn’t you be?) take a look at these bad boys.
      http://mordian7th.blogspot.co.uk/ very inspirational stuff!

  2. Whilst it may have taken alot more time than you first thought, the end result has justified it I expect (well I think it has) as it’s a great looking Helbrute.

    But (and I know I’m like a broken recorded) more WIP pics both of your conversion work as it takes place & builds up and your painting.

    How about once your impending event is over & you’ve got a little more time you do a Castigator modeling article, with whatever your next modeling project is going to be for your Traitors? Please. 🙂

    • Lol, you’re probably right Rob, I should do more WIP posts. The couple of small WIP posts that I’ve done (Slaanesh Heldrake & building a Zone Mortalis board) get more hits than anything else I’ve done.

  3. Nice work Gary, very nice. I have a couple of the old metal dreads in a box somewhere, looking at these pics they might have to get some work done on them. Cool and inspiring stuff.

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