Night Devils… planetfall Pandora!


Led by Castellan Krood, the Night Devils made planetfall on Pandora and settled into a routine of patrolling and acclimatisation. Only two engagements so far of interest, both against the Slaanesh warband of Vorlath the Intriguing

In the first skirmish only the strength of faith of Padre O’Toole who spent four round of combat against Vorlath himself saved the day. Despite finally being hacked down the popular padre performed miracles ensuring the Night Devils armoured might was able to crush the renegades.

The following day a desperate struggle took place where the cowardly renegades made off with a precious relic. However, the battle was a draw after Krood himself laid Vorlath low with his pistols, an ocurrance so unlikely that several scribes had to be debriefed before the heroic action was confirmed by video com.

Action news from the front brought to you by Derek Richenbach star reporter.


3 thoughts on “Night Devils… planetfall Pandora!

  1. Derek Richenbach must be a reporter for the Sun with all his factual inaccuracies ;-).
    The Pandora Cluster is a is not a planet, it is the name given to a cluster of planets. What Planet did you fight over and which faction was Vorlath fighting for?
    I shall mark it upon the map once accurate information has been received from a more reliable source than the hack Richenbach.

    • The Galaxy’s journalists are often so drunk they often don’t know where they are. In addition the Imperial censoriousness often edits reports and occasionally even troops are not absolutely sure what the Navy has deposited them!

  2. It was a great last game though. Vorlath on one wound, left the possessed to charge Creed and his unit. A hail of plasma light up the battle field and Vorlath shrugged them off until Creed pushed to the fore drew his las pistols and opened fire, 1 hit, 1 wound and of course a 1 for a saving throw! Very cinematic and of course Creed needs a new pair of trousers now as Vorlath’s corporeal body was destroyed for a time but not the Daemon inside who haunts Creed’s dreams.

    As for the first game that bloody 25 point priest went toe to toe with Vorlath for 4 rounds singing away to get re-rolls on his rosarius save making the whole lot and keeping my boss, sorcerer and 10 possessed tied up in combat until the game ended. I have suggested that Mike takes a few more of these gits as they just don’t die!

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