Gal Vorbak sighted – Hurry up Forge World, I gotta get me some of these!


The Gal Vorbak of the Word Bearers were on display at this years Heresy Weekender…….


The original Possessed Space Marines were sighted and I thought I’d show you the piccies of them. These come courtesy of Rictus on Recalcitrant Daze (for pictures of more of Forge Worlds projects check out his Blog )

These boys really get my juices flowing and I’ll definitely be getting some when they’re released.






The only downside to them is that they’re a bit on the large side, they look like they come on 40mm bases……


…….but come hell or high water, I’ll make them fit somehow.

Until next time……Stay Frosty!


5 thoughts on “Gal Vorbak sighted – Hurry up Forge World, I gotta get me some of these!

  1. Very nice models. I saw them a couple of weeks back when the pics first started to appear from the Heresy weekend, although as you’ve pointed out Gary these wee beasties come on 40mm bases, a point I hadn’t originally cottoned onto.
    Looking at the last Scale photo they do seem to be significantly larger than your standard Marine size model and closer to Obliterator size.

  2. I think they have too much armour to use as Spawn…..and not enough to use as Termies (besides, I have 9 Cataphractii to use as Termies). I’ll use them as Possessed (I’ve moved to the Crimson Slaughter Supplement now) I’ll just need to be creative to make them fit on a 25mm base…….of course, they’ll be much harder to hide, but it’s not like I’m taking possessed for their gaming abilities anyway 😉

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