New Edition, New Options.


Now that 6th edition is at an end, the slate has been wiped clean and new options present themselves with the release of 7th. Although 7th isn’t a complete overhaul from 6th, there are enough changes to whet the appetite and tempt you to try something different………unless you’re only interested in competitive tournaments and then Eldar, Tau and Daemons still reign supreme…..


…….Fortunately, I lost interest in the competitive side with the advent of 6th and 7th is just 6th with more bloatware. So there will be no change of direction with me getting back into the competitive side of things, as I still think 40k isn’t a good competitive game. However, all is not lost, with the right attitude (or Comp for those who have to take things to the max), 7th is a great game.

For me 7th is really exciting because it allows me to expand on my beloved Castigators and field an army that closely resembles their background. No more having to use Daemons as allies because that was the only way the game would allow me to use them. Now I can have my Sorceror summon them to the battlefield to smite those unworthy enough to embrace Slaanesh!……Of course in order to do this I need a new Sorceror as I’m pretty sure my darling ex-wife took a hammer to the old one.

The return of Lucian Soulbinder

After scouring the internet for images of Chaos Sorcerors and not finding anything to make my soul sing, I decided to build my own from my ‘bits box’. After a bit of rummaging, I decided to use the Dark Angel Librarian from Dark Vengeance for the lower body and his ‘Darth Vader’ arm (is it just me that feels an enormous sense of achievement when you use a model from a GW boxed game?). The legs needed a bit of chopping up to remove the Dark Angel icons so I replace them with the legs from one of the Chosen models that also came in the Dark Vengeance  box (I’d already removed the torso from this model for something else). For the torso and head I used the rider from the fantasy Terrorgheist kit and with a bit a green stuff to tidy it up, here is where it’s at.



There is still some work to do but I’m hoping to get him built and painted this week, so he can try out his funky powers at the Warrior Abroad event.

Of course, I can’t have him running around on his own and to aid him in his endeavours, he’ll be accompanied by a unit of Possessed. I thought my old Possessed models had gone the same way as my old Sorceror model but I’ve managed to find 6 from my original 12. However, time has not been kind to these models. Arms and weapons are missing and their paint job is really looking dated. These models are early to mid 90’s (commonly known as the ‘red era’ because of how bright the paint jobs were in those days!) and have ‘Goblin Green’ bases because in order to use them at GWHQ all models had to have their bases painted in ‘Goblin Green.’


I’ll be tarting these up a bit and re-basing them if I have time before Warrior Abroad, but I only have around 4 free days between now and then, so it may just be pushing it…….that said, just a couple of glazes and re-basing them should make them look 100% better.

So that’s what I’m up to at the moment (instead of reading the new rulebook). 7th is going to really keep me busy as I have lots of things to paint up for 7th like, Slaanesh Fiends, Steeds and a Slaanesh Herald (A Slaanesh Herald that is the best model GW has ever made…..thank you brother) not to mention more Slaanesh Bikers, Slaanesh Spawn, Maulerfiends and a Soul Grinder.

So what direction will 7th be taking you in? Have you read a rule and thought “Oh yes, I’ve got to try that out!”…..or is it just me that needs to get out more……..until next time…….Stay Frosty!


6 thoughts on “New Edition, New Options.

  1. Sorcerer is looking ‘delicious’ I’m sure when finished it will be even more awesome, makes my Fabius sorcerer conversion look decidedly standard. For me I’m currently working on helbrute number five the leader of the pack, and also contemplating bikes, daemons and mauler fiend. In summery too much to field in one game of 7th (unless you have a couple of days to spare!) but lots of units I previously passed on due to them being even more pants than the rest of the chaos book. The new mission cards should make for fun (decidedly unbalanced) games though. I’m thinking that out side of tournaments, some kind of deck stacking or selected missions for the scenario would be good. Maybe the option to remove a number of cards from your / your opponents deck could work.

  2. I know about all the negativity regarding the invisibility power but I really think it could make assault an option again.

    Movement phase – deploy from landraider/stormraven
    Psychic phase – cast invisibility
    Assault phase – have fun

    In this era of shootyK I’d like to think this could work and make assaults part of the game again.

    Other than that, nice job on the sorcerer Gary. The are some very nice cross overs from fantasy for chaos players. Less so for Imperial stuff, especially marines.

    • Let me fix that for you……
      Laugh at your opponent as he fails miserably to scratch your Stormraven, thanks to the Dark Angel Libby and his portable void shield accompanying your assault unit.
      Cast invisibility and watch as your opponent grinds his teeth into bloody stumps as he realises there is nothing he can do.
      Assault and have fun while your opponent cries in frustration.

      Seriously, I think assaulting has always been doable, the problem was always what you had to do to make it work. Beast/Seer/screamer stars were excellent assault units because of how they could stack USR’s to make an unkillable unit that could dominate a game. Invisibility does much the same thing, which instead of making assault an option again, just piles on more USR’s to make that one unit even more unkillable.
      The one saving grace from all of this is that Invisibility isn’t guaranteed (unless Data-Slates and ForgeWorld are allowed) and I’m not convinced that most armies will benefit from spending a lot of points on psykers (Eldar, Daemons & Grey Knights aside).

      Invisibility doesn’t worry me as much as the Stormraven does. The flying brick already needs 6’s to hit it and, thanks to the new vehicle damage table, will be a major pain to get rid of. As a Chaos Space Marine player, I cannot figure out a way to down the thing.

      • Whilst I agree with your comments Gary you know we aren’t the kind of players who abuse things to that extent. I’d love to be able to get my hammernators into combat again (there’s only 5 of them). This might be the help they need.

      • I know what you mean Iain, we don’t need to worry about Mercs, it’ll be the spammanators that make everybody hate it.
        I’d stick your Termies in your Stormraven. It really is a great transport option for them now.

  3. Assault still works as shown by my Slaanesh Assault force when we were in Manchester. Eldar tank battalion downed, 3 wraith knights owned, daemon assault army out fought so it can be done. You have to go all out in your build and it is one dimensional but it is great when it works. That said down here we all play assault lists [even Matt with his Ravenwing now] so perhaps our view is a bit skewed. With regards to Storm Ravens my Storm Eagle likes them but without Forgeworld I will have to hope that they target the possessed and warlord when they bail out rather than my Noise Marines.
    As for 7th I like it, definitely different and some combos will still rule the day. I won’t run a malefic sorcerer though as he will get eaten regularly in my opinion but I will have psykers in the list. I fancy doing the Warp Spider and Scorpion list unbound as I have always fancied giving it a try but otherwise putting Zaraknyel into my main army and her being legal as a lord of war looks great.
    Invisibility is still hit and miss as I tried a few builds previously with it, in the game that you really need it of course you roll the wrong numbers.

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