There can only be 1…

highlander_1986I’m going to say something which may be unpopular in some circles.

Maybe get me thrown out… 😉

I am increasingly not a fan of highlander comp.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to play endless games of screamer council or whatever other unkillable combinations the young kids eager to prove their manhood come up with but I’m just finding the highlander rules to be really restrictive when making lists.

Duh…it’s meant to be I hear you cry.

Well yeah I get that it’s there to stop people spamming the more obvious choices from each codex and try and encourage a bit of variety in armies.  But for me it’s just stopping me doing things like:

  • Taking 2 or 3 pods for my marines
  • Taking 2 Lone Wolves, meaning I’m unlikely to take any because 1 on it’s own isn’t that useful
  • Taking a dreadnought based space wolf army
  • Taking an armoured spearhead wolf army with my grey hunters mounted up in rhinos

Things like that. None of which are exactly game breaking right?

Instead I find myself having to use lists which have one grey hunter pack outflanking, one in a pod, one in a rhino, one in a razorback. Maybe some blood claws if the event has comped troops choices as well. It’s just not how I want my armies to look.

What’s the alternative?

I don’t know.

Join the free for all events?

Maybe. Take a heavy loss in the first game or 2 and then play 3 enjoyable games with an army I like the look of.

Go full on waac?

Not really an option with my codexes of choice, Space Wolves and Ultramarines.

If this is the point that you are expecting to come out with my proposals then don’t hold your breath. I don’t have the answer.

I just know that highlander comp isn’t really doing it for me.



6 thoughts on “There can only be 1…

  1. Alex,

    I hear you and I do feel that Highlander is very restrictive. It does mean you cannot theme your army as you describe but I think that you have forgotten the reasons for Highlander and the monstrosities that were fielded in open events. If you are suggesting a different kind of composition then I am all ears but as we discussed yesterday all composition rules can be broken…including Highlander and that is why Rob has added a ‘subjective’ comp rule for Warrior Abroad.

    I also take issue with some of your examples and especially with Wolves. Scoring troops are now a better choice and Wolves arguably have the best troops in the game. Just because it is ‘better’ to have two Lone wolves shouldn’t be a reason to allow them.

    I think that in your case Space wolves work exceptionally well in a Highlander competition and I would be wary of asking to extend the composition because other armies will benefit more than you do.


  2. I remember why highlander was introduced but I find it too restrictive and wonder if there is a better alternative.

    Regarding wolves:

    1. I don’t think we can draw conclusions based off one game vs a thrown together guard army.
    2. I think you have passed over or missed the main point I was making which was highlander restricts not only spammed powerful builds but themed builds that aren’t powerful.
    3. I wouldn’t say wolves work ‘exceptionally well’ in highlander they have several weaknesses, the same ones they have always had, which can be regularly exploited by some armies. If I was trying to extend the comp to make a more powerful army then I wouldn’t play wolves or marines, I would switch to Eldar or Tau. Again, my point is highlander is overly restrictive and blocks builds which are themed but not powerful.

    Moving away from wolves I don’t think anyone would argue that 2 units of assault marines or 2 units of Pariahs or 2 units of Howling Banshees is particularly OTT but they can’t be taken in highlander.

    Anyway, as we discussed, my point is I wonder if there is a different comp system out there which allows themed armies that aren’t over powered but stops the waac builds.

    A system that isn’t subjective.

    • No. Any composition rules can and will be broken. The only way to ensure that themed lists can be used without allowing them to be overpowered is by subjective composition. Its about ‘values’. If those submitting the list understand the values of the organisers all will be well.

  3. I understand your dilemma Alex. Highlander is very restrictive and I wouldn’t want to play that way all of the time, but the thought of facing 6 Wave Serpents or three Stormravens, leaves me cold to 40k.
    I enjoyed Tim’s ‘Restricted Access’ that limited Fast Attack, Elites & Heavies, but even that was messed up by 5 TMC’s.
    I don’t think there is any real answer other than playing against like minded people and using your patented ‘Don’t Be A Cock’ rule.
    I’m still of a mind that 40k isn’t a competitive game. I think it can be made into one, but it wouldn’t suit everybody.
    The best advice I could give you if you find Highlander too restrictive is do open events instead.

    • I’m not interested in doing open events really, I feel the same way about wave serpents etc.

      Looks like highlander is the best we can come up with then!

      • I think that Alex has a point as well, I would love to do a themed army as well but it would mean going for UNBOUND AAhhhrrrggghhhh!!!
        I would love to do my Legion of the Damned as unbound, so I cloud use multiple units from the SM codex as my “troops” with a few other bits for variety, but there are no unbound events I can see happening and if they appeared the Cock Wavers would be right up there to knobble my fun. So it looks like my Legion will get played at the club where I know people won’t be complete dicks or suffer round after round of dickings :(:( at outside events, NO WAY!

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