What A Wonderful Hobby – Lucian Soulbinder, Lord Sorceror of the Castigators


I finally got enough time to paint up my Sorceror for my Castigators and thought I’d post a few piccies up.


Lucian Soulbinder, Lord Sorceror of the Castigators

Although Lucian’s mastery of the Warp is unsurpassed by any other within the ranks of the Castigators, it is insignificant compared to his achievements in shaping the Chapter.
It was Lucian, with the aid of Chiron, who refined the Castigator’s ‘Involuntary Possession’ technique, damning the sons of Dorn to a fate worse than death and swelling the ranks of the Chapter with Possessed.
As the Castigators hurtled along a dark and dangerous path, one that would only result in the destruction of the entire Chapter to the whims of Slaanesh, Lucian groomed an upcoming lieutenant named Nestor, instructing him in the Chapter’s origins and their vow to enlighten all sons of Dorn to the glory of Slaanesh. When the time came for Nestor to claim his place as Chapter Master, it was Lucian, accompanied by the Enlightened, that slaughtered all opposition to his protégé’s ascension. Since then, Lucian has been Nestor’s chief confidant and advisor, guiding the Chapter away from the excesses that almost tore the Castigators apart. Unknown to Nestor, it was Lucian that engineered the blood-feud between Nestor and his brother Vorlath of the Emperors Children when Vorlath’s influence grew too strong and threatened to lead the his protégé down the same dark path. Should Nestor ever discovered this, Lucian’s prestigious power base and influence should keep him safe from the Chapter Master’s wrath……if not, Lucian has other protégés.





There’s still some work to do on him like painting the Chapter symbol and tidying him up a bit but it’s virtually impossible to do any fine line work in this hot and sticky climate, so I’ll leave it until the weather cools down. Besides I have 5 Possessed to tidy up before next weekend. Until next time……..Stay Frosty!


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