Giving Pete a hand!

DSC_0003A quick game today with 1500 point doubles, Matt and Pete vs Seb and I.

Matt took a ridiculous Eldar list rolling 17 dice on its own backed up by Pete’s Daemons against my level 3 psyker but to be fair they didn’t stop me summoning daemons and heralds whilst I couldn’t stop their stuff. I also used a Knight Errant as I’ve wanted to get him onto the table. However, he got jumped by plague bearers and touch of rust took him out in 2 turns, the cards really hurt us and we lost 13-4 but it was still a good game.

Anyway onto the point of the post, Pete has built a new flying prince and took him for todays game, he leapt forwards and cast possession and turned himself into a great unclean one. This was rather entertaining for us as Pete hadn’t realised that the pysker died as he summoned the creature…..Seb and I went for a smoke and a snigger whilst Pete reread the card hoping to find an alternative option where he didn’t die but to no avail.







3 thoughts on “Giving Pete a hand!

  1. Pete’s made a nice job on his Prince. It certainly is a “Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t” power summoning the Greater Daemon, but if the casting Charater remained it really would be the power of all powers.

  2. LOL…..Too much pus has addled his brain.
    Cool Prince, but what on earth was he doing allying with Eldar?

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